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Physics Project

No description

Shuai Yu

on 11 March 2017

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Transcript of Physics Project

Environmental Impacts
Geothermal Energy
1.Water Quality and Use
2.Air Emissions
3.Land Use

Geothermal Energy in Canada
British Columbia
In 2007, it was estimated that geothermal energy could meet half of British Columbia's electricity needs
In the Meager Mountain-Pebble Creak area of British Columbia where a 100-300 MW facility could be developed
Electricity Supply in Canada
Water 59%
Nuclear 14.5%
Coal 12.6%
Natural Gas 8.6%
Oil 1.2%
Other Renewable Resources 3%
Top 5 Reasons Why Geothermal Energy Does Not Apply Here In Canada
Blessed with clean resources
Upfront cost with extremely high risk
Chicken & Egg problem
No prize on carbon
Limited government support
Applied Regions
Geothermal is an attractive renewable because it is “always on,” independence of the weather; if we make geothermal power stations, we can switch them on and off so as to follow demand.
Resources/Generations of the Thermal Energy
The internal heat flows since the formation of the Earth
The radioactive decay in the center
The solar energy "stored" on the surface layer of the earth shell
"Internal Heat That Are Generated at the Birth of the Earth..."
This part of energy are produced by radioactive materials... BUT... that happened before the Earth existed
Plate tectonics and volcanic activities are evidence of the presence... well... and power of this part of internal heat
It contributes about 20% the total thermal energy on the Earth (8.84 TW out of 44.2 TW. o_o
"Internal Energy Generated by Chain Reactions of Radioactive Materials in the Center of the Earth..."
"It happens simply because the environment allows it to do so..."
Enjoy the Sunlight in South California!!!!
(The sun contribute less than 10% of thermal energy to this source of energy)*
Energy Generation Method... Wow!!!!
"All the methods used to generate geothermal energy are based on the same physics principle: the second law of thermodynamics..."
"James Taylor, who lived near a geothermal energy station thinks..."-The Social Impacts of Geothermal Energy...
People are concerned about the toxic gases released when building the stations (like sulfur dioxide, ethane, nitrogen oxides and so on)
Hot water may carry heavy metals that can be harmful once exposed to human body.
Workers undertake great risk building these stations and most of them are not qualified to do work like this.
It may change the ground layers and causes problems like tectonic uplift.
Economic Impacts of Geothermal Energy
Geothermal generators require no fuel cost.
However the capital costs are extremely expensive with a high risk of failure up to 20% (about 10 million US dollars each).
But it can greatly lower the production fees of electricity once built up.
Thank you for watching!!!!
By Xu Han, Luke (Shuai) Yu & Edric Hu
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"He is looking for a clean energy..."
"I found it!!!! I "found" it!!!!"
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