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Dorothy Chung

on 18 September 2014

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Personal Time Line
History 9
History: Euro was introduced to the Europeans. On January 1/ 1999.
History: George W. Bush was elected President for U.S.A.
History: The first Ipod created by Apple on November 10.
Personal: On May 17/ 1999, my first birthday happen with all my family.
Personal: My little sister Emily was born on May 10, in Canada.
Personal: Vacation to Niagara Falls.
Personal: First day going to montessorri.
History: Iraq War begins against the U.S.
Personal: First boy in my family, Zackarey Chung was born.
History: Facebook launches to the world.
History: Eris, the largest known dwarf planet was found in the solar system.
History: Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was the first elected women to become President of Liberia and Africa's first elected states women.
Personal: Won my first piano competition for
History: Chinese president Hu Jintao signs a
economic deal with Sudan.
Personal: My cousin Donald's wedding.
History: Barack Obama is elected
President of America on November 4.
Personal: Road trip
to San Francisco
History: The death of Michael Jacksson.
Personal: First time in
Montreal, Quebec.
History: A 7.0 magnitude earthquake hits Haiti killing 230 000.
Personal: Christmas in Lethbridge
Election protest happens in Iran.
Largest oil spill happen in U.S. by the Gulf of Mexico.
History: A 9.0 earthquake happens in Tokyo, 16 000 deaths.
Personal: First cruise into
the Carribean for Christmas Vacation.
History: Hurricane sandy kills 209 people in North America.
Typhoon Bopha Kills over 1600 people in the Philippines.
Personal: Hong Kong trip
and Japan stop.
History: The Queen Elizabeth II mother Queen Elizabeth dies on April 9
Trip to Boston again.
Personal: First time horse back riding,
and visiting Hong Kong,
Personal: My little cousin was born, Ainslee.
The End !
By Dorothy Chung
History: A Total Solar Eclipse happened on February 26/98. The moon's shadow was at 12 degrees, 17.5 minutes North, and 69 degrees 43.0 minutes West.
Personal: I was born on Sunday, May 17,
9:42 p.m. With 7 LBS, 3 OZ, 20 Lengths. In Boston Massachusetts hospital.
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