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Unit 1 Lesson 2

No description

Eric & Anshu

on 13 August 2014

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Transcript of Unit 1 Lesson 2

Unit 1 Lesson 2
September 11th 2013

Reading Closely
We will read closely which can be very challenging.

As I read I want you to pay special attention to key words and I also want you to listen closely to how the author describes the new character.
Do Now:
Step 1: Write down the learning targets in your notebook.

Step 2: What are some of your goals today for having a positive and productive class discussion. Take 3 minutes to write down 3 goals in your notebook.

Learning Targets:
1. I can effectively participate in discussion with my classmates.
2. I can identify central ideas of chapter 1.

New Information
The notes you take today will be the evidence that you met the learning target “I can determine the central ideas of Chapter 1 of A Long Walk to Water.

Take one minute to make a t-chart in your notes.

I notice I wonder
Violent and difficult content
Some of the material we read will be violent and graphic. Violent material is difficult to read because it can stir up bad images in our minds.

Sometimes if I read material this is too violent, I will put the book down for a minute and think about something else. Other times I will meditate for a couple of minutes.

note: letter home for parents
Chapter 1 Reading for Gist
Yesterday we discussed two scenarios. Based on those scenarios, can you make any connections to Nya or Salva?
Exit Slip
Independent Work

10 minutes
In your binders, using textual evidence, together with information from your I Notice/I Wonder chart, write a paragraph that explains the gist of Chapter 1.
1. Opening
A. Introducing Learning Targets
B. Preparing for 'Difficult' Reading of A Long Walk to Water
2. Guided Practice - Chap 1 Reading for Gist
3. Closing and Assessment
Homework: Read Chapter 2. Write a paragraph describing the gist of the chapter.
Teacher Model
Getting the Gist
"Getting the gist" is related to our learning target today, " I can determine the central ideas of Chapter 1 in A Long Walk to Water.
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