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Trevor J Clark ePortfolio


Trevor Clark

on 7 September 2018

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Transcript of Trevor J Clark ePortfolio

trevor J clark

Journalism Internships
freelance Writing and Photography
Royal Roads University
published photography
this is pretty self explanatory... here you will find a summary of my working life.
admittedly, this is my passion. this is what i'm good at: writing and photography. but freelancing is tough. it takes time and persistence, though ultimately is worth it. over the years my work (writing and photos) has appeared in local and international newspapers and magazines, including cycling + (uk), somerset life (uk), pedal (canada), adventure cyclist (usa), getlost! (australia), adventure travel (uk), and the epoch times (canada). have a look:
in 2006 my wife and i moved from england back to canada. however, instead of the direct route we spent 10 months exploring argentina, chile, peru, and bolivia - but we didn't take it lying down. no, we were productive: we volunteered along the way, learnt some spanish, and i did a bit of writing and took some photographs.
june, 2005: cycling iceland -
it was cold and challenging but highly rewarding - it also left lots to write about...
i spent five years living in bath, england. during that
time i managed an outdoor retail store and did my best to freelance whenever i could.
i've come to realize what a useful skill photography is. photos
i've taken for my own pleasure have made it into whale and
dolphin identification guides, lifestyle magazines, and advertisements.
as part of my journalism diploma at SAIT i completed several internships, including writing copy for the calgary sun's business section, northstar energy's monthly newsletter, and for a small start-up travel newszine.
i have an entire library of photographs that have not been published... i'm just waiting for the right opportunity.
I hold a bachelor of arts (honours and president's scholar award) in professional communication from Royal Roads University. There i produced everything from academic papers, to message campaigns, to photo essays. here's a brief look at some work:
writing academic papers was a significant divergence from the type of writing i've produced to this point. here you'll find several brief excerpts of the results.
photo essays appear in all sorts of publications. this is my first stab at one.
for many years i volunteered with the whale and dolphin conservation
society studying harbour porpoise numbers around a remote welsh island:
this is the story of that island.
bald eagle, delta, bc, canada
commersons dolphins, argentina
cinnamon black bears, waterton lakes national park
northern resident orca, vancouver island, canada
wildflowers at waterton lakes national park
street performer, avignon, france
bison, yellowstone national park, usa
loving life, cuba
barred owl, victoria, canada
hiker, torres del paine, chile
whale and dolphin conservation
society (WDCS): annual report
album jacket photos for steve hughes (uk)
northstar energy (calgary, canada) company newsletters
calgary sun, business section
the traveller's journal, (calgary, canada)
getlost magazine (australia)
the epoch times (canada & international)
adventure travel magazine (uk)
outdoor photography (uk)
somerset life (uk)
cycling plus (uk)
pedal magazine (canada)
adventure cyclist (usa)
prosea marine mammal guide (europe)
somerset life magazine (uk)
somerset life (uk)
whale and dolphin conservation society (WDCS) newsletter
metrovancouver green infrastructure resource guide, photo only
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