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Senior Project- Dental Assistant

No description

Hailey Rawson

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of Senior Project- Dental Assistant

Dental Assistant By- Hailey Rawson They assist the dentist provide better dental care
Preparing the patient for treatment
Sterilizing equipment
Take x-rays, impressions, make crowns, and take out stitches and such What is a Dental Assistant? Per Semester
Tuition- $1,785
Room & Board- $750- $1,400
Books & Supplies- $500 BYU-Idaho Idaho State University 10 week course
Tuition- $2,850
Includes books & supplies
There is no room & board Intermountain Dental Assisting Colleges Salary Starting Salary $5.95
Current $9.00 + Carol Blanchard-
Tonjes, Brizee, and Orme Chris Erickson-
Dental Health Center
starting Salary $6.75
Current $9.00 + Daily Activities Carol Blanchard Carol's daily activities Checks to see who's coming in and what they need done
Sterilizes the equipment
Cares for the patient
Takes X-Rays
Prepares them for surgery Video Advantages Carol said-
Clean environment
You can be a mom & work
Flexible schedule
She's always learning new things
Interacting with the patients Advantages Chris Erickson said-
The people you get to meet
The skills you learn
Work is never the same Disadvantages Danielle Briggs said-
Tonjes, Brizee, & Orme in Ashton
You can get exhausted easily Carol said-
The exposure to illness & diseases Chris said-
The long hours
The pay isn't that good Training
They all Went to school for two years at Eastern Idaho Technical College
Then went into on-the-job training.
New technology- they have a yearly convention to learn about the new equipment
They come into the office and spend an afternoon training with the new equipment Per Semester
Tuition- $3,035
Room & Board- $1,260
Books & Supplies- $450
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