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octo the octagon

No description

Monster M&M

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of octo the octagon

Time to Pay
They both did some math to see how much they would pay. The pizza costs $12.50 and each drink costs $3.00. So Octo said they each pay $9.25.
Going Home
When They were going home there was a train. They went to the conductor of the train and asked him if they could get on. The conductor said they could get on the train. They went in the train and look for a seat they found but it could only fit 14 sides. Octo did so math and said that together they 12 sides and sat down. The train took them home.
Waking Up
Sam the Square
In his dream he was hungry so Octo was going to Pizza Hut. On the way he met a square named Sam. Sam was going to Pizza Hut to. Octo said he had double the sides Sam had. Octo had eight sides and Sam had four.
Time For Pizza
When they got to Pizza Hut they had to look for a table to sit in. When they found a table a waiter came and asked what they wanted to eat. They asked for a pizza pie with bacon on top. Octo wanted fruit punch and Sam wanted soda.
Octo's Dream
One day Octo the octagon was sleeping and had a dream.This is what his dream was about.
The Gate
Octo and Sam are stopped at a gate. The hexagon at the gate said only people with even vertices can go through. Octo and Sam both had even vertices so they could pass.
That Was Good
When the food came Octo saw that the pizza the same number slices that he had sides. To see how much slices they each get Sam did some math.Sam got 8/2=4 so they both got four slices. When they were done they shared the bill.
When Octo to woke up, he almost fell out of bed because it was small. The bed was 65 in perimeter and he was 64 in perimeter. He got up and got dressed. Octo heard his mom call him so he went down the stairs. On the table were waffles and milk. Octo ate all of them!
Octo the Octagon's Dream
Octagon Song
Watch the song to learn more about octagons.
Thanks for watching!!
:-) :-)
Leave a like :-)
By: Monster M&M

Fun Facts About Octagons :
: They are polygons.

: They have 8 sides and vertices.

: The angles are 135 degrees.

: All the sides are congruent or the same size.
Prepare for my
Have a good day
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