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prepositions of place

No description

Cristina Rebegea

on 24 November 2012

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Transcript of prepositions of place

Prepositions of place Prepositions of place House and furniture Name the pieces of furniture in each room ON Where is the cat? The cat is on the sofa. In Where are the fruit? The fruit are in the basket. above Where is the plane? The plane is above the city. Under Where is the girl? The girl is under the umbrella. between Where is the apple? The apple is between the book and the pen. NEXT TO Where is the baby? The baby is next to the mother. Behind Where is the sheep? The sheep is behind the tree. in front of Where is the dog? The dog is in front of the picture. opposite Where is the moon? The moon is opposite the sun. On the left/right Where are the buildings situated? The grocery and the school are on the left. The ice cream shop, music shop and hospital are on the right. Prepositions of place indicate where objects/persons are situated
in front of=in fata;
behind=in spatele;
next to=langa;
on the left=pe stanga;
on the right=pe dreapta.
Make sentences of your own, using prepositions of place and the way in which your mates are sitting in the class. Look carefully at the pictures
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