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The Masked Flaw- Misty Knight

No description

Kirsten Faucher

on 29 May 2015

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Transcript of The Masked Flaw- Misty Knight

The Masked Flaw
Misty Knight's Story
You would think you could spot the odd person out in a crowd, right? Well, it's gonna be harder than you would think. There is a girl out there, who is not like anyone else. She has light brown hair and piercing blue eyes, like the ocean. She is tall with slim legs and an average figure. She usually wears her favorite blue jacket, a plain gray t-shirt, and jeans. She always wears her faded and worn converse. She looks to be about the age of 21. If you ask her for her name, she will usually look down and mumble,”Misty.” Pretty normal right?

(Actually made by Me)
Misty, like anyone else, had a usual birth. Except for the fact that she has powers and other people don't. When she was very young, around the age of four, she had discovered her gift. That was also around the time she had a new baby sister. Her parents were afraid of her affecting her sister so they gave her up for adoption.
Status Quo
The day the government had created the new "vaccine", Misty and her team knew that they had to stop them. When they left the subway to see all of the chaos, little by little, the people of their group started to disapear. The government had given them the "vaccine" and then threw them back on the streets for Misty to find. They were not able to catch Misty or Jeremy though.
Misty would not have made it very far if she didn't have Jeremy. He had always pushed her passed her limits. They had become great friends. Eventually, they had grown to like each other even more than they already did.
(Also made by me)
When Misty's team came back to the subway after getting injected with the strange chemical, they had bad reactions to it. They searched for other mutants with the same problem, and hoped that maybe they could work together. That's when they found Lily, Misty's little sister.
Call to Adventure
With the help of Lily, Misty and her team try to find an "anti-dote." Many of their failed attempts only made the test mutants weaker. They feared going back into public to find the answer but after what happened last time, they decided against it.
Pretty normal, Right?
Little Love
On a Mission
Unusual Birth
New Life
Trial and Error
The team eventually find an antidote and save all of the rebel mutants. They are all relieved after every last one is "cured". Until, Lily tells Misty that she had gotten the shot and was unaffected. They decide to go out into the world again but they soon realize that it was a big mistake...
When the mutants went outside, they saw many people panicking, shrieking, and flailing their arms as they run away from a horrfying creature. The "vaccine" had started to change the humans! The mutants saw that the governement had sent out S.W.A.T. teams to try and control the new monstrocities that they had created. The mutants were able to hijack the large S.W.A.T. trucks and go and try to take down the government.
The mutants had confronted the government and eventually fought them until the government had surrendered. Then, Misty had the remaining government scientists create another "antidote" to save the humans. After they saved the people, Misty and her team had left them at they remains of the once beautiful government building.
The mutants had broken into the main government building and demanded to speak to the director. After telling them that they should fix the pressing matter at hand, the director had refused. He had tried to imprison the mutants and test on them. The mutants disagreed and fought back.
All Done...?
It's War!
Peace and Serenity
Back to Normal
Make up for the past
The game is over
After the mutants had defeated the government and saved the people, every thing had gone back to normal. Well, sort of. The people were still haunted with the memories of the horrifying beasts that people had become. Also, the government is currently trying to rebuid itself with better people.
After being reunited with her sister, Misty wants to forget the past and make up for all of the time that they lost. Lily took Misty back to her house, so she could see her parents. Misty had some what forgiven them, trying to forget about the past, but she still felt hurt from the day they gave her away. They had apologized to Misty and then offered her to stay.
Misty wanted to stay but she knew she had a team outside, who also needed a home. She had declined the offer. The team was able to find another abandoned building, and they instantly moved. This time, they decided not to hide underground. People know who they are and know what they have done for them. No reason to hide... Right?
By Kirsten Faucher
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