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An Animal Cell Versus a Two Story House

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Lauren Lowe

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of An Animal Cell Versus a Two Story House

The ribosome is the the kitchen
The ribosome creates proteins for the cell. It is like a kitchen because the kitchen makes the food for the household, just like the ribosome does.
Animal Cell VS. Two Story House
A cell membrane is like the doors, walls, and roof of a house.
A cell membrane protects the cell from harmful outside conditions. It also lets some materials into or out of the cell. It is like the doors, walls, and the roof of the house because they keep the bad things out and lets things from the inside come out.
The cell's nucleus can be compared to the parents room.
The nucleus controls everything and direct where everything goes. This is the parents room of the house. It also controls everything inside of the house!
The mitochondria is like the electricity wires running through the house

The mitochondria makes most of the cell's energy just like the power lines running all the energy through the house.
The vacuole can be compared to a garage
The vacuole stores items like live waste, food, and water. It is like a garage because the garage is used to store needed things.
An animal cell is comparable to a two-story house. A house has rooms, doors, mailboxes, walls, a roof and a lot more. An animal cell has a cell membrane, nucleus, mitochondria and more. As you journey through our prezitation, you will find out how alike these two comparisons are.

Made by:
Jianna Gladfelter, Lauren Lowe,
and Neeyor Natarajan

and Neeyor N.
The endoplasum reticulum can be compared to the stairs.
This part of the cell can be called the ER. The ER transports materials from one place to another. The ER can be compared to the stairs because they transport people up and down.
The Golgi Body is like the mailbox.
The Golgi Body packages up materials and ships them off. It is like the mailbox because the mailbox sends materials to other places.
The lysosome is comparable to a trashcan and a broom.
The lysosome breaks down food particles and worn out cells. It is like a trash can and a broom because they clean up around the house like the lysosome.
Cytoplasm is like the furniture in the cell.
The cytoplasm fills up the cell with a gel-like fluid. The cytoplasm is like furniture because they both fill up empty space.
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