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Common Shakespearean Literary Devices

No description

Samantha Mastromonaco

on 30 April 2018

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Transcript of Common Shakespearean Literary Devices

A play on words similar in sound, but different in meaning.

Gonzalo: When every grief is entertain'd that's offer'd,/Comes to the entertainer -
Sebastian: A dollar.
Gonzalo: Dolour comes to him, indeed.
Dramatic Irony
A situation in which the readers know something of which the characters of the play are unaware.

Alonso, Antonio, Sebastian and Gonzalo are unaware the tempest that stranded them on the island was created by Prospero in his attempt to seek justice.
A long uninterrupted speech that is spoken in the presence of other characters.

The repetition of a consonant or vowel sound in a series of words.

Prospero: "And to my state grew stranger, being transported/And rapt in
secret studies
A comparison made between two unlike things.

Prospero: ... that now he was/The ivy which had hid my princely trunk,/And suck'd my verdure out on't.

Extended Metaphor
A comparison between two unlike things over a series of lines or sentences.

Sebastian: Well, I am standing water.
Antonio: I'll teach you how to flow.
Sebastian: Do so: to ebb/Hereditary sloth instructs me.
Antonio: O,/If you but knew how you the purpose cherish/Whiles thus you mock it! How, in stripping it,/You more invest it! Ebbing me, indeed...
Literary Devices
Terms or techniques used by writers to create narrative literature, poetry, speeches or other forms of writing.
Common Shakespearean Literary Devices
When animals, ideas or inanimate objects are given human traits, abilities or reactions.

Miranda: ... A brave vessel,/Who had, no doubt, some noble creature in her/Dash'd all to pieaces.
An exaggeration or overstatement.

Ferdinand: Most sure, the goddess/On whom these airs attend!
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