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No description

Kelsey Kinnebrew

on 28 April 2014

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A long time ago in a galazy far, far away...

The entire galaxy is suffering from a 20 year drought. In order to freshen up the Stink Years, Caldwell B. Cladwell demands that every citizen of the galaxy pay a fee to pee. He and his right hand, Officer Lockstock command the galaxy safely from the Death Star.
The people of the galaxy are getting edgy, especially those people of Tatooine. The poorest, filthiest planet in the galaxy...

Bobby Strong
"Luke Skywalker"
Officer Lockstock
"Darth Vadar"
Penny Pennywise
"Obiwan Kenobi"
Act 1 Scene 1
Public Amenity #9
In Act 1 Scene 1, Officer Lockstock sets the scene as the narrator of the musical. We then meet Bobby Strong, Ms. Pennywise and the poorest of the poor. Bobby's father, Old Man Strong, asks Penny for a free pee. She then explains that it is a privilege to pee. All the while Old Man Strong can't hold it any longer so he pees on the pavement. Lockstock and Barrel take him to "Urinetown.
Old Man Strong
Officer Barrel
Act 1 Scene 2
UGC Headquarters
"The Death Star"
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