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Nottingham Model UN: An Introduction

No description

Nicholas Wong

on 5 October 2014

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Transcript of Nottingham Model UN: An Introduction

University of Nottingham Model UN
An Introduction
Firstly - what is the UN? In a nutshell, it's an organisation formed post-WWII to maintain international peace and develop friendly relations between countries.
Model UN?
Many people who have tried MUN love it because unlike many other activities, it offers a
of benefits - not just one.
What do I get out from Model UN?
About Our Society
You may be wondering - what do I get from joining? What if I'm completely new to MUNs - will I get left behind?

Or what if I'm a MUN veteran - can't I just go at it alone?

Let's answer these questions.
What do I get from the Society?
Committees and organs of the UN are where countries discuss specific issues, and come up with solutions. We do the same in Model UN.
Model UN Committees
Just as diplomats, heads of state and ambassadors meet at any UN body to discuss issues, MUN delegates 'represent' a country while discussing an issue.
The UN General Assembly (where all countries are represented) is the most common simulated body.
...Not Just the General Assembly
Some other bodies are also simulated in the same vein as the GA, though they may be structurally different - e.g. the World Bank, ILO, UNCCC, etc.
Other special bodies are also simulated - like the International Court of Justice, the Arab League, the European Parliament, etc.
Crisis is a very different, and now very popular, trend in the MUN world.
Here, delegates represent either countries or specific members/ministers in government, and deal with an unfolding crisis. Here they also have the power to initiate actions, and periodically a new update to the crisis will come in.
What do delegates do?
Delegates research the issue, and then try to help the committee find a resolution on the issue - while also defending their country's interest in the issue.
The 'aim' of the committee is to produce a document (the 'resolution') that contains either declarations or suggestions for action on the issue.
Transferable Skills
Nearly everything you learn will boost your employability. Here are a few skills you'll pick up:
- Research and writing
- General knowledge and a global awareness
- Public speaking and speech-making
- Communication and negotiating
- Networking abilities and social skills
Opportunities to Travel
- A great excuse to hop round the UK
- No need to travel alone!
- Travel out of the UK
Meeting People
Consider: who does MUN? There isn't really a pattern! MUNners:
- come from plenty of countries
- speak plenty of languages
- study all sorts of courses at uni
- have all sorts of interests
So it's not all just politics students. In fact, the only common thread is that MUNners are friendly and interested in the world!
What You Will Need
- A willingness to try something new
- Time, when necessary (but doing MUNs are flexible)
- Some money
MUN and Finances
Why are MUNs expensive? Much of the cost comes from travelling, accommodation and social events.
BUT there's good news:
- Our conference (NottsMUN) is very affordable
- We pick several small, nearby conferences - these are cheap
- Your schools or departments may sponsor you - just ask!
- Companies have also been known to finance or sponsor delegations
Joining us means joining one of the most active, well-known and respected MUN societies in the country!

- Nearly 30 awards from 12 conferences in 2013/14
- Our goal: every member attends at least one conference
- We organised one of the UK's largest MUN conferences - and we've done it for 6 years running now
- Our members go on to become stars in the MUN world - many chair at other conferences
- One of the most diverse societies at uni
- Best of all: many of our best MUNners were new to it!
What You Get

Save on travel, accommodation and signup.
We also teach you everything you need to know before the conference
It's not just any conference - it's one of the biggest and most popular in the UK
It's also a friendly beginners' conference
If you don't like it - at least you tried!

The Training Programme
We say 'training', but we're not a sports team. We don't win awards because we drill our members; we win because we encourage participation and keep the pressure down!
What's up in the next few weeks:
- MUN Rules Made Easy
- How to do Research
- General confidence-building debates
- How to stand out in committee
- Tips and tricks
The Training Programme (cont'd)
We also do a few other things to keep you well-rounded in the MUN (and real) world:

- A collaborative workshop with the Public Speaking society
- A Crisis session every term
- A one-day crash course committee session
Why do MUNs as a group - why not apply individually?
The primary advantage of going as part of our group ('delegation') is that we tend to get 'better' country and committee assignments.
Of course, if you're experienced in your own right, other conferences may well give you your preference anyway.
Non-MUN Stuff
More on this later - but basically, we know that not everyone's into MUN. And not everyone wants to do MUN stuff all the time.
That's why we're branching out this year - and our focus is giving
a great international experience, whether it's through socials, talks or campaigns. Suggestions are welcome!
An Overview
You can find everything you want to know here: www.nottsmun.com

Also, like our conference's Facebook page to get updates: https://www.facebook.com/NottinghamModelUnitedNationsnottsmun

We're hosting our 7th conference this year, from the 14th to the 16th of November.

*Note: Do NOT purchase tickets to NottsMUN on the SU website! The discounted tickets aren't there. If you've already done so, let us know and we'll sort it out.
What Do I Get?
External participants pay £20 in delegate fees.
As members you only pay a nominal £5.

Also, tickets to the conference's social events (optional) go for £35 - relatively cheap.

We've also got a great guest speaker - the surprise comes later, but here's a hint: he's a former British diplomat.
The Committees
We've put together 9 interesting committees for you to take on:

These go from committees for beginners to committees for more experienced delegates - we also have a couple of specialised committees, like the ICJ and two Crisis cabinets.

Look them all up here: http://nottsmun.com/committees/

Our Crisis planners 'fighting' it out
Some fresh air after a social
Simultaneous translation - Delegates in the university's state-of-the-art interpretation room.
Conferences We Attended in 2014/15
We continuously revise the list of conferences we choose to attend - but you can expect we'll attend most of the same ones as last year.

We're also heading to a few new conferences this year - the MUN scene in the UK is growing fast!
Conferences we attended in Autumn 2013
OxIMUN (Oxford) - November
CUIMUN (Cambridge) - November
NottsMUN (Nottingham) - November
ReadIMUN (Reading) - November
Conferences we attended in Spring 2014:
LufbraMUN (Loughborough) - February
LeedsMUN (Leeds) - February
London Security Exercise (London) - February
LIMUN (London) - February
BathMUN (Bath) - March
WarMUN (Warwick) - March

The International Conference
Every year we go for an international conference - which one we attend depends in part on finances, logistics, and what our members want! We'll let you know more about this in the coming weeks.
Note: we have 5 more spots for OxIMUN - fees are £50 per person, minus travel, accommodation and socials
Non-MUN Stuff
Some Thursdays we'll do something different to keep things fresh.
Socials - we have club socials, but this year we'll also do non-club, non-alcoholic socials so everyone can take part.
Other things - movie screenings and forums are also on the agenda.
No fixed day for this.
The delegates of the UNODC with their chairs.
Delegates enjoying a classy dinner at last year's conference.
Our members relaxing in Monaco after a conference.
Delegates staging a 'walkout' at a conference.
NottsMUN 2013
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