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No description

Mia Vosburgh

on 12 February 2014

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Transcript of Sustainability

What is Solar Water Heating?
How Does
Solar Water
Heating work?
Converts sun's rays
heat used to raise the temperature of water
of Solar water heating
Financial Comparison
& Architecture

Solar Water Heating
How is Solar Water Heating used in Canadian homes?
widely used green energy
provides year-round hot water
developed at the turn of the 20th century
What does solar water heating look like?
Smaller systems- 150L tank
Small heat exchanger and pump
Copper pipes with foam insulation
Used for:
Hot water for showers
Washing machine
Dish washer

Less polluting source of energy
emits nothing
Sunlight is limitless and free
Manageable system to install
Less expensive
Good economic payoff
low maintenance
Initial Cost
Initial Cost
Operating Cost
Operating Cost
$700/ year
15 year cost:
15-year cost
Solar water heating
Gas heating
Exempt of
sales tax
By: Mia
heated by fossil fuels
Less expensive at first
Extremely expensive after long period time
The Original Water Heating resource:
Fun Facts about
Solar Energy
Not all energy comes to Earth.
Only half -billionth.
Source of Sun's energy is unknown.
Sun's energy is widespread
Next traditional energy source
One of the brightest and biggest star in the Milky Way
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