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CNN Hero Mary Cortani

No description

Desirai Tayama

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of CNN Hero Mary Cortani

Since October of 2001, it's estimated that one in five veterans is likely to be effected by PTSD or major depression. Some veterans suffer from:
post-traumatic stress disorder
anti socialism
Go to the Freedom Paws website at: http://operationfreedompaws.org/

Visit or donate to:
Operation Freedom Paws
777 First Street Pmb 515
Gilroy, CA 95020 Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Depression Pets for Vets 11% to 20% of Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans suffer from PTSD. Helped veterans train their own service dogs Helps to match veterans with the best dog for them from a shelter or rescue group. Inspiring other veterans and their loved ones to seek out help. Mary's positive impact on the veterans and dogs:
Fills a major void and gives a scenes of purpose
Returns joy to the lives of those who have suffered
Brings normalcy back to their everyday lives
Both the veterans and the dogs get a second chance Without Mary's Impact:
Veterans who have overcame their PTSD and other conditions would still be struggling
Suicidal tendencies as a result of an increase in depression
Both the veteran and their dog would most likely have never gotten that second chance How you can help Work Cited
https://www.networkforgood.org/donation/MakeDonation.aspx?ORGID2=452566382&vlrStratCode=3mu9g%2fTk3u2CALEnDSEHOqMjphtevcNNcrTFUXwnIkOowpHQ7mgjVa8C0MQj3uNh Get involved locally Volunteer at Silicon Valley Humane Society (programs for adults and 18 years and under): http://hssv.convio.net/site/PageServer?pagename=updated_home

Volunteer or Donate to help hungry veterans: http://www.feedourvets.org/enlist/
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