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Information Systems Used by AEON CO. (M) BHD.

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f mr

on 9 June 2014

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Transcript of Information Systems Used by AEON CO. (M) BHD.

Information Systems Used by AEON CO. (M) BHD.

Executive summary
-AEON CO. (M) BHD. is a top leading retailer
-Started resulting from the invitation to AEON Japan in order to help the retailing industries in Malaysia
-AEON's constant improvements of stores help to satisfy the consumers
-High understanding of target market needs and the provision of an optimal product-mix in the management authorities

-Active in specialty store operations and shopping centre development, operations, credit card business and services
- 'Customer First' philosophy
- 'peace', 'people' and 'community‘
-This is very crucial in this person-to-person business to always satisfied the people of the regions and societies in which they serve.

-Strategies ; accelerating Shopping Center Development
-The resources channel towards developing integrated commercial facilities which can be gain by the customers
-Apply aggressive Pursuit of GMS Stores
-The General Merchandise Stores (GMS), which combine supermarkets and departmental stores under one roof, which operate as full-line retailers
-Offer lot of variety of goods and services

Board of Directors

Dato' Abdullah bin Mohd Yusof
Independent Non-Executive Chairman

Mr. Nagahisa Oyama
Vice Chairman
Ms. Nur Qamarina Chew binti Abdullah
Managing Director
Mr. Poh Ying Loo
Executive Director

Dato' Tunku Putra Badlishah Ibni Tunku Annuar
Independent Non-Executive Director

 En Abdul Rahim bin Abdul Hamid
Independent Non-Executive Director
Mr Charles Tseng
Independent Non-Executive Director

Mr. Naoki Hayashi
Non-Independent Non-Executive Director
Mr. Mitsuru Nakata
Non-Independent Non-Executive Director
Datuk Syed Ahmad Helmy bin Syed Ahmad
Independent Non-Executive Director

1.To manage inventory
- Use bar code to receive,track and sell inventory
2.To provide data in order for AEON to make report and adjust customer pricing base on report
- Costs of good sold,purchase price,sale price and profit margins
3.To help AEON in restocking items
-Data from POS will tell which items are needed to be restocked more,so they can minizime loss and increase profit

Analyze transaction data
*Can see sale of each items and adjust the purchase from supplier accordingly

As a data storage for sale history
*Can detect trend in customers’ purchase eg. during seasonal time
*Help maximize profit as stock up is done according to trend at certain time

Improve data accuracy and pricing of items
*Using bar code identification

POS system has been applied in AEON since the beginning of 1990 for their fashion line
Extended the POS system to other lines of products in their retail outlets
In Japan,the POS system is applied to their Mensware apparel, showing improvements in accuracy of inventory management

.Allow AEON to organize inventory in orderly manner and data is tally with the transactions done
.Keep track of sales of items,resulting in easier restocking of items according to demand
.Bar code identification help identify pricing of items

Internet connection between Aeon (eg:Jusco) with bank.

Data loopholes
Update network and security integrity
Handle database maintenance beforehand

Reduce customer complaints
Stock up meets demand
Increase sale

>Obtain respect for humanity, peace and contribution to local communities.
>Customer's satisfactory
> Be innovative to quickly respond to external environmen and customer desire.
>To become a “glocal” company which mean the global quality standards are remain in local communities.

#To establish organizational environment that promote teamwork, achievement and quality.
#To increase the effectiveness of quality management system based on ISO 9001.
#Aid the staff in managing and documenting.
#To avoid information leak and protect customers’ private information.
#To remove any data errors that occur by preventing unauthorized access, data loss or destruction and unauthorized leakage.
#Ensure that an accurate data is collected from multiple sources, processed and sent further to right destinations
^Helps the staff personnel in the transaction processing, and answers all the doubt on the data pertaining to the transaction, the status of certain record and references on a variety of document.

^Make statement on total sales for each customer.
^Manage amount of extension financial operating resources both salary and operating expenses allocated per year

+Calculate all the profits gained and compare with previous year using central processor unit.
The saving data should be organized in database in order to ease later usage of the data and information.
+The employee information is stored in orderly manner for documentation to perform analyses and computations easily.

+Record the total extension salary cost of employee and number of working hours in the database.
+Use software to manage Aeon’s product and item efficiently based on their department.
+Key in the data of their investor and shareholder in private storage which is secure.

Speed: The documentation for the information become faster when using computers, especially for information retrieval.
Accuracy: Correct human error and always perform an accurate data.
Saving effort: The computer system minimizes human effort in processing, storage and control documents.
Help Aeon’s organizations to develop and expand in several areas.
Provide potential services to Aeon’s organization.
Comprise the identification of Aeon’s customer data
It will stop some jobs. Individuals will lost some jobs and increase the unemployment rate.

Management information system enables organization to identify the selling details of consumer. It allows organization to collect detail information about individuals, thus break the privacy rule and personal freedom.

Need the specialized skills, resources and system development.
Arise of illegal data access by hackers as some data are not fully protected.

Use data governance which makes information available, transparent and useful for the authorized people to access it, from the moment it enters an organization until it is outdated and deleted.

Controls the data access by restrict unauthorized individual from using information resources.

Before accessing the data, the authentication will confirm the identity of the person.

Data governance enable the Aeon’s to store, maintain, exchange and synchronize a consistent and accurate data.

Can prevent the identity of the customer from being stolen that will lead to financial losses, decrease of customer confidence and legal actions.

Avoid the leakage of personal information of Aeon’s employee.

Protect shareholder and investor personal information.

Prevent software attack that will interrupt the Aeon’s system.

^Helps junior management in decision making at the operation level to correct an out of control situation.
^Aids the middle management planning, target setting and controlling the business functions.
^Helps top management in goals setting, strategic planning and evolving the business plan and their implementation.
Implement data governance using master data management which is the process that spans all of an organization’s business processes and applications.
Any question
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