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A Study of Procter & Gamble

No description

Cassie Gonzalez

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of A Study of Procter & Gamble

PR & Customer Service
Easy access to over 1600 FAQ's
Provide customers with contact number and e-mail addresses for each brand
Stockholder and investor information also available through phone and e-mail
Information for product ingredients also easily available
Product Categories & Brands
New system
Industry-based sectors
Global beauty
Global baby, feminine and family care
Global fabric and home care
Global health and grooming

P&G positions it's brands as "Superior Quality" and "Consumer Oriented"

Positioning statement:
"provide branded products and services of superior quality and value that improve the lives of the world’s consumers" -(P&G website)
A Study of Procter & Gamble
Procter & Gamble
Founded in 1837
Manufacturer of soap
Expanded into several industries
50 global brands
140,000 employees
80 countries
$84.2 billion annual sales

MARCOM Strategies
P&G's marcom tools include:
traditional mass media advertising
online advertising: 35%
sales promotions: HEB & Walmart

Most common marcom tools used by P&G are sales promotions and traditional media. Recently online ads have increased.
Website & Online Advertising
P&G has large website consisting of:
*Company Information
*Brands & Innovation
*News and Media

Each product has their own website (each one carries own coupons)

PGeStore.com :Buy in Bundles
PGeveryday.com :Printable Coupons

Information about charity donations, fundraisers & scholarships
*Metamucil And Tony Danza Team Up To Do More

Consumer Interviews
Conclusions & Recommendations
Over-the-counter sleep-aid
Launched in June 2012
Similar to Nyquil
Part of Vicks brand
Addresses one problem rather than several symptoms
First launched in 1973
Less expensive version of Tide
Marketed primarily as an "active stainfighter"
Much smaller market share
Secret Clinical Strength
Part of well-known Secret brand
Higher price than most deodorants
Alternative to prescription-strength
Designed to protect against stress sweat
Pregnancy, ovulation, and fertility tests
Launched in 1985
Innovative, easy to use, accurate brand
New Clearblue Advanced Pregnancy Test with Weeks Estimator
Convenience sample
Females, 20-60
Current users of P&G products
"Quality makes up for price"
"Somewhat familiar"
Name recognition
Uncertainty about connection to most brands
Most could recall 1-2 brands
Estimated they used 5-10+
Perception of Value
Overlook or alter perceptions of price because of high quality
Results in loyalty to high-priced brand names
Quality, Quality, Quality
Reputation for quality initial purchase
Realization of that quality repeat purchase
Preference for brand name over generic
"You get what you pay for"
Advertising Effectiveness
Little to no recall of online advertisements
Preference for television commercials
Recall of 1-3 television campaigns
Target Consumers
Stay-at-home moms
"Because sleep matters"
Competitors (cont.)
P&G is an established market leader due to:
Superior quality
Customer and family-oriented image
Extensive brand portfolio
Lots of advertising
Ways to improve:
Take advantage of positive reputation
More P&G image-related advertising
Focus less on online advertising
Advertising & Sales Promotions
TV and print ads are targeted towards consumers psychographic characteristics.

Coupons and sampling are used to attract both new and current customers.

*Clinical Strength Loyalty Reward Program
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