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BEAMS (Virtual Reality)

No description

Edd Chua

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of BEAMS (Virtual Reality)

BEAMS Presents Virtual Reality The VE can be the real world or an imaginary one. Virtual Reality (VR) also known as Virtual Environment (VE) Brandon Edd Ady Matt Shakespeare BEAMS In a 4D shows,
audiences wear 3D glasses and theaters are equipped to shake, spray water and even spray air at audience members to create different effects. Some shows even introduce smells to add more to the atmosphere. 01/01/1960 - Morton Heilig created a multi-sensory simulator. A prerecorded film in color and stereo was augmented by binaural sound, scent, wind and vibration experiences. This was the first approach to create a virtual reality system and it had all the features of such an environment, but it was not interactive. History of VR 01/01/1965 - Ivan Sutherland proposed the ultimate solution of virtual reality: an artificial world construction concept that included interactive graphics, force-feedback, sound, smell and taste. 01/01/1968 - The first virtual reality system realized in hardware, not in concept. Ivan Sutherland constructs a device considered as the first Head Mounted Display (HMD), with appropriate head tracking. It supported a stereo view that was updated correctly according to the user’s head position and orientation. 01/01/1982 - Thomas Furness at the US Air Force’s Armstrong Medical Research Laboratories developed in 1982 the Visually Coupled Airborne Systems Simulator – an advanced flight simulator. The fighter pilot wore a HMD that augmented the out-the window view by the graphics describing targeting or optimal flight path information. 01/01/1985 - The VPL company manufactures the popular DataGlove (1985) and the Eyephone HMD (1988) – the first commercially available VR devices. 10/01/1992 - 1992 CAVE (CAVE Automatic Virtual Environment) is a virtual reality and scientific visualization system. Instead of using a HMD it projects stereoscopic images on the walls of room (user must wear LCD shutter glasses). This approach assures superior quality and resolution of viewed images, and wider field of view in comparison to HMD based systems. 10/29/1995 - “Presents a virtual world that enriches, rather than replaces the real world” the enhancement of human vision – augmented reality became a focus of many research projects in early 1990s. 01/01/2003 - Second Life, owned by Linden Labs, is an internet-based multiplayer virtual world designed by residents, call avatars (Ahern & Wink, 2010). What is Virtual Reality (VR)?
History of VR
Types of VR system
How does it work?
VR Tools (Hardware/software)
Advantage and Disadvantage of VR
Industry Application
Future of VR
Reference Content can be defined as a means for people in visualizing, manipulating and interacting with computers and extremely complex data. 1860's - Baldassare Peruzzi created the very first VR painting - Sala Delle Prospettive Types of VR System Windows on World(WoW) Using a conventional computer monitor to display the 3D virtual world

Interaction with the virtual world can be made via mouse, joystick or typical VR peripherals such as Dataglove (also known as Desktop VR) Immersive VR Completely immerse the user's personal viewpoint inside the virtual 3D world

The user has no visual contact with the physical word

Often equipped with a Head Mounted Display (HMD) Telepresence A variation of visualizing complete computer generated worlds

Links remote sensors in the real world with the senses of a human operator. The remote sensors might be located on a robot. Useful for performing operations in dangerous environments Mixed Reality The seamless merging of real space and virtual space

Integrate the computer-generated virtual objects into the physical world which become in a sense an equal part of our natural environment (also known as Augmented Reality) Advantage of VR To train students without actually putting anyone in harm. This includes industries medical, law enforcement, architecture and aviation

Help those that can't get out of the house experience a much fuller life

VR also helps patients recover from stroke and other injuries Disadvantage of VR The hardware needed to create a fully immersed VR experience is still cost prohibitive

Escape from the real world

Training with a VR environment does not have the same consequences as training and working in the real world VR Tools Hardware Head-Mounted Display (HMD) VR Tools (Hardware) Binocular Omni-Orientation Monitor (BOOM) VR Tools (Hardware) Head-coupled stereoscopic display device

Uses CRT to provide high-resolution display

Convenient to use

Fast and accurate built-in tracking A Helmet or a face masks providing the visual and auditory displays

Use LCD or CRT to display stereo images

May include built-in head-tracker and stereo headphones Data Glove Outfitted with sensors on the fingers as well as an overall position/orientation tracking equipment

Enables natural interaction with virtual objects by hand gesture recognition VR Tools (Hardware) Control Devices Control virtual objects in 3 dimensions VR Tools (Hardware) Provides the illusion of immersion by projecting stereo images on the walls and floor of a room-sized cube

A head tracking system continuously adjusts the stereo projection to the current position of the leading viewer

It allows more people to share the same experience at the same time VR Tools (Hardware) Cave Automatic Virtual Environment (CAVE) VR Tools Software Programming libraries.
Provide function libraries (C & C++)

Complete programs with graphical interfaces for creating worlds without resorting to detailed programming

Virtual Reality Studio
Sense8 World Tool Kit (WTK)
Autodesk Cyberspace Development Kit

Standard language for interactive simulation within the World Wide Web
Allows to create "virtual worlds" networked via the Internet and hyper-linked with the World Wide Web
Aspects of virtual world display, interaction and internet working can be specified using VRML without being dependent on special gear like HMD
VR models can be viewed by Netscape or IE with a browser plug-in Toolkits Authoring systems Software Packages VRML(Virtual Reality Modeling Language) How does it work? The hardware components receive input from user-controlled devices and convey multi-sensory output to create the illusion of a virtual world.

The software component of a VR system manages the hardware that makes up VR system.

This software is not necessarily responsible for actually creating the virtual world. Instead, a separate piece of software (the VR application) creates the virtual world by making use of the VR software system. Industries Application Entertainment | Training Simulation and Treatment | Sale and Marketing Entertainment Gaming

Second Life

Movie Training Simulation and Treatment Sale and Marketing Future of VR Full Immersive VR which apply people to enter into the digital world without any headset or handset

Using an avatar to work for you – in real life

Using Kinect not only on entertainment but interactive, training and education

No longer need to use camera or smartphone to capture Augmented Reality

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