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California's 4 Regions

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Raphael Figueroa

on 4 February 2015

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Transcript of California's 4 Regions

California's 4 Regions
California's Four Regions
Valley Region Mountain Region
Coast Region Desert Region
designed by Péter Puklus for Prezi
The MOuntains
The mountains are
cold and have snow
storms everywhere.
One of the tribes
there were the Hupa. They used grass and shells to make clothes. They also used wood and bones for their instruments and jewelry. Some animals there are deer and antelope. The plants there were trees and shrubs

Desert Region
The desert is in the southeast part
The Coast
The coast is on the left side of California. It is full of shells and sand. Some animals in the coast are caterpillars. Two tribes that lived there are the Pomo and the Chumash. It is very dry and hot in the coast. Some habitats there is the seashore and the land that is by the coast.
The central valley
The Valley region is in the middle of California. It is a valley because it is between mountains and hills. The tribe that lived there were the Yokuts. They honored animals like bears because they are connected to their tribe.
DEath Valley
California State Song
The Four Regions
The Mountains, Desert, Valley, and Coast Regions
California. It is hot and dry there. The tribes that lived there were the Mojave and Cahuilla.
The resources they used were cacti and sticks. Some plants there were cacti and Joshua trees.
A place in the desert that is the lowest and hottest place in California is Death Valley. It is over 100 degrees there and it is over 300 ft. below the ground.
MOunt whitney
Mount Whitney is the highest point in California and in the U.S. It is 14,505 ft! This mountain is in the mountain region of California.
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