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Expert project: skyscrapers

showing history of skyscrapers etc.

Sam Nathanson

on 25 May 2011

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Transcript of Expert project: skyscrapers

S Pyramids Eiffel tower Leaning Tower of Pisa Five new innovations Sam Nathanson . The first skyscraper
was the ten-story
Home Insurance
Building. In Chicago .. ... The first great
New York City
skyscrapers were... the Flatiron Building, the Met Life Tower, and the Equitable Building . Soon after the war ended,
a time of skyscrapers began. There was a race for the World's
Tallest Building. The Chrysler Building VS. The 40th Wall Street Building S
S Skyscrapers were too
expensive to afford It was called Modernism The At&T Building was
the first main post-modernism
building. "We were getting tired
of the box." Architect Phillip Johnson said. Soon, two giant skyscrapers were
being built in New York City. The Twin Towers But soon the title of world's
tallest building went to the
Chicago Sears Tower The twin Petronas Towers
were the first big skyscrapers
in Asia. They're in Malaysia. Elaborate designs were once
constructed in not just skyscrapers, but normal buildings too . Soon, an architect from Italy,
had an idea of dynamic skyscrapers. too. On September 11, 2001,
Al-Qaeda terrorists hijacked
commercial airlines and destroyed
the famous World Trade Center. There is a plan for a giant
skyscraper to be built at
Ground Zero. It will be called
Freedom Tower C O N S T R U C T I O N The architect first designs the building... ...and then the engineer turns it into a plan. small-scale models of skyscrapers are put through tests Ironically, the day after the
Chrysler Building's spike was
raised, the stock market crashed. *Building had to suppport
itself,the people and the
furniture inside. *The skyscraper had to not sway or topple in the
wind. Skyscraper has to have a
core large enough tho fit
many elevators. * Construction begins with a trench dug around the perimeter of the excavated site. The inside area is dug up. Reqirements for a skyscraper Bedrock is the skyscraper's platform Steel Frame consruction Danger! Concrete core Slipforming It takes hard work and many years to construct a skyscraper Ancient skyscrapers New York soon gets skyscrapers Burj Khalifa 2717 ft tall Plumbing and heating Safe Elevator Electricity Steel Frame Communications Empire State Building
continued to be built. Not many skyscrapers after Empire State Building. Seagram Building Soon, there was post-modernism John Hancock Building
was built near historical Trinity Church. The Far East Shanghai World
Financial Center Empire State Building gets popular.
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