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No description

brody murphy

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of snowboarding

Snowboarding Brody Murphy
Tim Sims invented Snow boarding in 1963.He made the first snowboard out of plywood. He named it “ski board”. In 1965 another man named Sherman Poppen invented a new type of snowboard by bolting together two skis and tying a rope to it for more control. He called it a snurfer In 1979 a man named Burton Carpenter made a new snowboard out of fiberglass and put bindings on it for more control on the board while steering.1980 was the year that they put metal around the edges of the snowboard. In 1998 snowboarding was introduced to the Olympics. There were a total of six events. The events are: Giant slalom, Men and women. Half pipe, Men and women. Snowboard Cross, men and women.
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