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Friends Forever By: Adrianne S.

No description

Haliwa-Saponi Powell

on 25 January 2016

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Transcript of Friends Forever By: Adrianne S.

Who Wrote The Poem?
Adrianne S. is the author.
What kind of similes/metaphors does it use?
It uses similes to say what friends are like. For example, "like a flower, a rose to be exact."
Who is talking?
The author, who is thinking what a friend is like.
Does it belong to a family of poems?
This poem does not belong to a family of poems.
Friends Forever By: Adrianne S.
What is the subject?
The subject is what the author thinks a friend is.
Does it rhyme?
No lines
in this poem rhyme.
What is it's shape?
This poem has stanzas.
How does the poem change from begining to end?
It doesn't change.
Why was it written?
This poem shows what the author believes what a true friend is.
Is there any personification?
Why I chose this poem?
I chose this poem because it shows the true meaning of friendship.
Poem Interpretation
The voice of the poem is someone that is determining the true meaning of friends. The poet's purpose is to show what friends are like. The poem is about the meaning of friends. In the poem, there is a feeling about friends. It is a good feeling. I liked the poem because it was interesting to see what the author thinks the true meaning of friends is.
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