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LoNdOn WeBqUeSt

No description

Elia Palomo Olivares

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of LoNdOn WeBqUeSt

Evelyn Chiquero OUR LONDON TRIP: DAY 1 7:00 we will get up and go to "El Prat" airport to go to London. When we arrive to the airport, we will have breakfast in Mac Donald's in the airport. Our flight it's at 8:00 we are going to be very nervous because it's the first time that we win the lottery and we plan a trip In the plain, we won't travel on business class because we will keep the money to spend it on exclusive boutiques like Harrod's. Because of that, we are going to buy our tickets with eDreams and we will fly with Easyjet company, to arrive to Gatwick airport at 9:20am At 9:30 we will take a taxi to arrive at the hotel We will arrive at the Hotel at 10:15 and it seems very luxury and exclusive because it has 5 stars 10:30: We will arrive Regent's park, here we visit The Queen Mary's roses garden, this garden have got the name of King George's V wife, it's a famous garden opened to the public in 1932 .The famous rose garden was completed in 1934 by the first superintendent who planted all the roses. This is the London's largest collection of roses with 12,000. Regent's park, were so beautiful, we saw a lot of colored flowers.
After dinner, we will take the metro to Victoria to go to Pacha, the greatest and glamorous disco in London , it's opened fridays and saturdays at 22:00pm to 6:00am. We probably stay here since the disco close the doors at 6:00pm. Don't stop the party!! (We are good girls, we will go to the hotel at 4:00 am) Our second day!! 8:00 Good morning London!!!
8:15 We will have breakfast in the hotel 9:00: We will take the metro (Baker Street) to go to Madamme Tussaud's, a great wax Museum in London
9:20 We will leave the metro on Baker Street, the metro station is near the museum 9:30 We will visit the museum and we're going to see lots of wax figures: Presidents like Barak Obama Famous tennis players like Rafa Nadal Famous singers like Britney Spears Religious people like the Rome pope The royal family Geniuses like Albert Einstein Movie cartoons like Shreek And E.T World famous actors like Orlando Bloom 1:00 We will finish our visit and we are going to go to take the metro to Picadilly Circus to have lunch in a fast food restaurant like Mac Donald's, for example 1: 20 we will arrive to Picadilly, here we are going to eat buy some souvenirs In Picadilly we are going to visit nice shops like M&M's store, this shop is only in London, Orlando and New York Here we will see lots and lots of M&M's Probably, we will take some photos in this nice shop 5:00 We will walk down Haymerket and Whitehall to see the Big Ben At 18:00 we will take the metro to Covent Garden to go to Shreek Musical, at 19:30 we are watching the musical 9:00 We will have dinner in Zizzi's, an Italian restaurant, we are going to eat the set menu for 19'95 The thirth day 9:00 Good Morning
9:30 We will have breakfast in the hotel
At 10:00 We will walk to Regent's garden because it's near the hotel 13:00 We will arrive to Camden and we will eat in KFC and after we spend 4 hours shopping in Camden Market 12:00 we will take the metro to Camden Town to have lunch and see the Camden Market 13:00 we will take the metro to Holborn to have lunch and some free time moreover, we will visit the British Museum, here we will see lots of beautiful history objects GOOD MORNING! Get up at 8 c’clock
We will have a breakfast in the hotel!
At 9 we will start the day!! We will go to Sant James park...
At 9.15 we will catch the underground. Line Circle to Saint James Park.
9.30 we will arrive to Saint James Park! We will walk around the park and we are going to see the squirrels and the ducks! We will cross the park to arrive to Buckingham Palace.
We will take a lots of photos and we listen the story about the Palace.
From 11 to 12h we will have free time in the park.
12:00 we will take the underground to go to ofxord street When we arrive to ofxord street we willhave free time to 15 o ‘clock, so we will have lunch at Pizza Hut!

At 15:00 we will go shopping in different shops in Oxford

17:00 Boat trip on the Tames River. 20:00 we will take the underground and we will go to Picadilly to have dinner.

When we finish the dinner we visit Chinatown and Soho!

23:00 we will take the underground and we return to the hotel!!

Have a shower and...GOOD NIGHT! Third day Fourth day GOOD MORNING! Get up at 8 c’clock, we will have breakfast in the hotel!
9:00 we start the day!! We will go to Tower of London 9:15 we will catch the underground. Circle Line to Tower Hill.When we arrive we are going to listen the history about tower of London and we will go to tower bridge.
We across the tower bridge and we take photos. 18:00 we will take the metro to visit Harrods

20:00 we will take the underground to Oxford St and we will have dinner in a pub.Then we will drink something in this pub and we will listen to music.
21:00 we will return to the hotel!When we arrive we will have a shower and.. GOOD NIGHT! At 18:00 we will take the metro (Waterloo) to go to London Eye and we are going to spend a lot of time here because it seems very exciting!! 20:00 we will have dinner in Picadilly

21:00 we will return to the hotel, here we will relax and speak about our trip Bye bye London!!!! 8:00 Good Morning!!
8:30 We will take a taxi to go to London Gatwick 9:25 We will arrive to the airport
11:00 our flight, bye bye London!!
13:20 we will arrive to "El Prat" Airport Historycal characters like Churchil and Hitler From 10:15 to 12:30 we will explore the hotel and we are going to see our room
At 13:00 we will have lunch at the buffet in the hotel
14:00 we will take the metro to Knightsbridge to go to Winter wonderland and we will stay here from 15:00 to 22:00 Here we will have fun in different attractions in the park, the entrance it's free but we will need to buy some tickets to ride the attractions 22:30 We will go to The Grenadier restaurant to have dinner, here we are going to eat fish and chips, because it's a British typical restaurant, this restaurant is located near the Hyde Park metro station
After that we will return to the hotel because we probably will be tired, Good night!!
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