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Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD


Christine Taylor

on 18 December 2012

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Transcript of Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD

Audible application to playback their Local Titles.

To bypass this message tap the OK option, then tap on the background of the application which displays their Books or Categories. The application can be found on the main page carousel.

User can flick through to Apps option to find the icon

Then select Device tab.
Purchases can be done via the Audible Mobile Store.

Pressing the Menu button while in the application, selecting Shop.

Or Tap on the top left corner, there will be a shopping cart icon, will launch the Audible Mobile Store. Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Fire Kindle Fire 7" Kindle Fire Refresher Audible App Purchasing audiobooks...
To transfer manually, the Kindle Fire has to be connected to the computer, then simply copy Audible Enhanced OR Audible Format 4 files from your PC.

This works also when transferring from a Mac OS system. Transferring content to the Kindle Fire
via PC/MAC Audible app, My Library screen, tap the down arrow to download.

Then it will show an orange icon labeled Download; tap on it to download

After downloading a small portion of the title, you can begin listening by tapping the Play button next to the title. Sideloading is not done via Audible Manager. Syncing Books On the Kindle Fire Feature Synchronizes the bookmarks and furthest page read among devices registered to the same account. Whispersync works in all Kindle devices Downloading Audiobooks?
Audiobooks MORE 60 hours will be divided into multiple parts to make the download faster.
On the top category menu of the device's main screen, swipe right until the Audiobooks option Tap on it to launch the Audiobook player How do I access the Audible player? Fire HD At this time, manual side load of Audible content is not available on this device Drop them into the [\Audible] folder located on the Fire's root directory. Tip: Kindle software update 6.3.1 Transferring books from the Computer to the
Kindle Fire HD Audiobooks
on the Kindle Fire Drag the top SCREEN down, for Menu to display.
Tap on More
Tap on Account
Tap on the Register button and enter the Amazon/Audible.com credentials your Kindle HD REGISTER The Screen will have 2 Options:
Device / Cloud, then tap on the Tittle to download. Downloading
Content (HD) On the device's Main screen's MENU, scroll right and tap on Audiobooks. No Wi-fi Connection "Connection failed. No network available". Launching the App Drag the top side of the screen down> show the Settings menu.

Tap on More > Applications >Audiobooks Changing the Audio Format KINDLE Fire HD Searching and

After completing the purchase, the customer will be given the choice to "start reading", which will start the download of the title. Audiobooks Next to Change Format, tap on Standard or High Unable to See
Is a feature where you can access the Kindle Title and the audio book version be played along with the printed text.

The user would be able to select the option to have their Kindle book be professionally narrated as they are reading. Immersion Reading Immersion Reading to work, both the Kindle book and the Audiobook must be the same shared pool account. Click Audible Tittles show in My Library Refresh button Unable to See Audible Tittles show in My Library 4- Check "All Applications" are displayed
5- Select the "Audible App"
6- Tap on "Clear Cache or Cookies and Data" 1- Tap on the Quick settings icon.
2- Tap on More
3- Tap on Applications 1. 2. 3. 6. Playback Sync with other devices Troubleshooting Kindle Fire HD Note: after clearing cache or cookies, is necesary to reboot Kindle PURCHASING Any QUESTIONS ?
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