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Sexual Exclusion in Hungary

No description

Richárd Gál

on 11 October 2014

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Transcript of Sexual Exclusion in Hungary

Glass ceiling phenomenon
The Equal Treatment Autority
Wage levels - Wage gaps
Discrimination indicator has increased
Labor market situation
Employment of LGBT
Thank you for your attention!
Women with children
Sexual Exclusion
In Hungary
Procedure against a popular club

Women: free of charge, men: 1000 HUF

Equal Treatment Authority stood up for the case
Szilárd Teczar case

Extremist groups attack
Police intervene
The main message of the whole Budapest Pride was lost for several years and  many Hungarian citizens are threatened.
2013: Pride was ended in a peace and cheerful event where no extreme offense happened.
Future????: still need to improve

March through Budapest
Volunteers help sexually discriminated by their sex or sexual orientation
Also : against especially homophobia, transphobia, sexism, and racism
What is their aim?
Create and support safe community spaces and groups
that support LGBT people



NAP association

Proportion of national parliament seats are held by women around the world.(Word Bank 2013)

CEDAW : organisation against discrimination of women

What does it show?
Gender equality of Hungary is not satisfacory
Voters does not let women in higher political positions

Why is that?
What is the solution?
The other side...
Who is right?
Men pay for their drink in advance
Couple: pay the ladys ticket: polite?

Men pay ONCE to go in
Club: more attractive lady= more paying men
"club broadcasts the message which means women are passive prizes who has to be reached by the solvent, wealthy men.”
Is the entrance fee discriminative from the view of men or women?
political culture-stereotypes-conservatism
quota for women, education
2014 Election: 106/6 FIDESZ, 106/17 LEFT WING
Lowest female candidates ever, since Change of Regime

Bernadett Bakos
Flóra Ertl
Balázs László
Attila Perger
1. Level and structure of sexual bias exclusion
2. Causes and consequences
3. Government role in preventing
4. Institutions and their actions
5. Characteristics of Women for Tomorrow Foundation
6. Other activities against sexual exclusion
Level and structure of sexual bias exclusion
Source: KSH 2013 Hungarian Central Statistical Office
Source: Eurostat 2010 Labour Force Survey
Proportion of national parliament seats are held by women around the world. (Source: World Bank)
Gross monthly average income
LGBT people 81,3% is employee
14,2% is self-employed
4,5% is casual labourer.

Employment of LGBT
Causes and consequences of sexual bias exclusion
Causes of sexual orientation exclusion
Homophobia is a core nation-wide issue
Influence on their environment
Standards set by religions
Lack of emphathy
Causes of gender discrimination:
have common factors with sexual orientation
originated from the traditional attitude of Hungarian People
Consequences of sexual orientation exclusion
Lack of willingness to employ LGBT person
Depression - eating disorders - distrust
Mistreatment of LGBT people
Parents send their child away
The consequences of gender bias
Employment - salary
Men earn 25% more
Sexual harassment at workplace
Family abuse
Government role in preventing
5 million women - 1.8 million have a job (Source: KSH.hu
Civil Code: "The requirement of equal treatment"
"GYES" - maternity leave
Same sex marriage is illegal
Institutions and their actions
Equal Treatment Act
Examine submitted complaints
Formal procedures
Possibilities of ETA
Doesn’t provide any financial compensation

Umbrella organization
Reduction of prejudice trough education
Monitoring and commenting about legislation

Umbrella organization
Monitor and criticize legal concepts
Follow international agreements
Observe female related activities
Publications, trainings

Characteristics of Women for Tomorrow Foundation
Improve the situation of everyday women
Legal knowledge
Researches, recommendations
EQUAL project – „Equal work, equal wage”
Level of support

Other activities against sexual exclusion
Conservative nation
Father: breadwinner
Mother:solvent,hard working housewife
choose between carrier or kids
Possible solution: Focus on EU help,more contribution from government and follow Scandinavian sample
Source: European Parliament (2014)
Top managers according to their genders
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