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Marc Donadille

No description

Millicent Castillo

on 21 October 2014

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Transcript of Marc Donadille

Heroes of the Holocaust
By: Millicent Castillo

Marc Donadille
Marc Paul Donadille was born on Sept. 28, 1911 in St. Croix Valley French Lozère. The son of Pastor Paul Louis Fernand Donadille and Bertha Fasler. On October 17, 1935, he married Françoise Jeanne Louise Odier in Switzerland and had two children who were born on 1936 and 1939. On September 1938, Marc Donadille became the pastor of the parish of Saint Privat de Vallongue and lived in Vialas Lozère. Later, he had served in the army as a corporal and acquired some medical knowledge and practices and became a member of the Inter-movement commission to evacuees (CIMADE) and has been working since the beginning of the war for refugees especially those who were staying in French camps. Source: www.ajpn.org/juste-Marc-Donadille-923.html
His rescue story
Donadille and a few of his friends including Henri Manen were encouraged to save the Jews who stayed in the Les Milles camp in France. In the summer of 1942, Manen began to take away Jewish children and several adults from the camp. He then referred some of them to Donadille, who together with his wife, arranged hiding places in the area. He prepared false identification papers and other documents for the Jews in order to rescue them from the death camps in France. Luckily they did not find his materials for forging documents. In February 1943, following a series of arrests of Jews in Cévennes, including Vialas, Pastor Donadille warned the prefect Dutruch, in the department capital of Mende, that the villagers would be in an armed rebellion if the arrests continued. Dutruch rushed to Donadille’s home, explained that he had to carry out the government’s orders, and asked him to appease the villagers. Donadille replied, “I fully understand that you must send the police to make the arrests, but perhaps you might let them know that they are not obliged to find any Jews.” After the war, the Jews owed their lives to the Donadilles. Source : www.ajpn.org/juste-Marc-Donadille-923.html
some risks/ challenges he faced
Some risks and consequences that they overcome was that Marianne Ahfeld and her husband were one of the Jewish refugees entrusted to Donadille. They were hiding in Aix-en-Provence until the police discovered them and were detained in the Les Milles camp. However, Henri Manen rescued them when they were about to be deported. Marc and Françoise Donadille sheltered them in a summer cottage in a forest near their home. On March 20, 1986, Marc and his wife were dedicated as Righteous among the Nations who made a difference to the world by sheltering some Jews until the war was over.
how is he a hero?
Personally, Marc Donadille is a hero because he made a difference to the world. Marc along with his wife Francoise managed to find hiding places around the area where a bunch of Jews stayed until the war was over. They were also provided with food by Marc and his wife. He is considered as a hereo because he saved and rescued Jews from going to the death camps. Without them, there wouldn’t be as many Jews as there were after the holocaust. Even though Marc wasn’t able to save many Jews, he did change and save humanity. He showed to the world that the holocaust event wasn’t a right thing to do. Our actions must be done based on what God wanted us to do, to always spread the Golden Rule. He was one of the many heroes who opened people’s minds and inspired them on what’s right and wrong and what we should all do in order for the wrong to not happen. He is a hero because he made a difference to the world that will echo for generations, he was one of many reasons that we shouldn’t relive the past, rather we should use our actions for the common good in order to prevent the past to not happen again.
my personal connection
Being a hero means to fight for whats right, it is the voice in your heart that's telling you to do something for the common good . Being a hero means you have a belief in something, the belief that if you make a difference to the world the world will do the same. Personally, my dad was the difference maker in my life. Ever since I was young, he would spend at least 2 hours each day of contributing something to the community such as participating in food drives, serving to the needy, giving thanks and praying to god as a community, and he also taught me of what's right and wrong. I still remember the day when prior going to Toronto for the day, he would always tell me to pack as many food as I can possibly get because when we do reach Toronto, we would scout for homeless people in the streets and give them food. My dad influenced me until now to always be good and contribute to the community. He believed in his self that he can be a difference maker in life by not giving up and to continue the best things that he had done to the community. He is the difference maker in my life because he had faith that lead him to be the person who I knew ever since I was a child. His good values had inspired me to volunteer to the community for the common good. Lately, I have been a difference maker because I have been volunteering in the Caring Kitchen at St. Ursula church which is an organization for serving the needy. Without seeing the good things that my dad posses ever since I was young, I wouldn't be motivated and inspired each day of helping others.
How does this influenced me?
Everything I have learned from the movie “Schindler’s List” and a person named Marc Donadille, have inspired me to make a change in my everyday actions. I decided that instead of watching T.V for at least 2 hours each day, I would use that time to be more productive by contributing to my community. I want to show to the world that we shouldn't be self-centered to ourselves. Instead, we should care about other people especially for the people who are suffering physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I have seen many news about people being persecuted based on their faith, the people in Africa who live in an uncleaned environment, and those people who doesn't have a voice to speak against the government and seeing these news everyday just devastates me. I want to be the voice that will echo in the world that we should show righteousness, and fight for justice based on our morality, and to have freedom because I do believe that everyone deserves to have a life where they lived in a clean environment, where their belief isn't a problem, and where they have a freedom to speak of what’s right and wrong. I believe that these people who are being victimize can help and contribute to the world for a better cause if these problems didn't exist. I can achieve to help these people who are suffering by contributing to my community more such as volunteering for the food drive, be part of an organization about fighting for justice, and donate as much as I can to any charities because learning from the movie "Schindler's List" and this project about Marc Donadille, they have inspired me that I can be like them who made a difference to the world because by contributing at least 2 hours each day to my community, I will eventually reach my purpose in life, to let my actions echo to the world and hopefully the world will do the same.
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