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Innovations and Social Media Presentation

No description

Monica Clements

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Innovations and Social Media Presentation

Double click anywhere & add an idea Innovation Social Media Social Media is: What Drives Social Media? conception design creation It's a shift in the way we communicate It's a fusion of technology and sociology It's user created online content used to share and connect need to connect demand for community Technology-enabled Communication-driven User-controlled User-generated content Relationship-centered Identity Transparency Authenticity invention Who am I? What can I add to the conversation? Convergence bringing it all together... Why social media? collaboration create conversation technology pro-sumers content e-mail smart phones podcasts wikis social networks producers consumers creators collectors joiners critics collaboration conversation interaction Innovation & Social Media Social Media... What part do I play? What is it, anyway? face-to-face vs. online conversations transforms monologues to dialogs one-to-many becomes many-to-many the conversation is created by me! i need you! how much of myself will i reveal who will i be? What's it really mean to me?
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