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First UU Church Communication Committee Presentation

Who, What, Where, Why, How and When

Becky Gaylord

on 12 January 2015

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Transcript of First UU Church Communication Committee Presentation

Communication Channels
Communication Committee
Who we are
Bulletin Boards
Person to Person
who, what, why, where, when and how?
Guidance to find an effective path
Alison Bashian
Becky Gaylord
Tom Gibson
David Kantor
Kaye Spector
Let's meet everyone else, too!
Your name

The way you learned about today's presentation (personal invitation, email, Order of Service, etc.)
one message, for five audiences:
to a first-grade class
to family and friends of newly minted doctors being sworn in:
“So in everything, do unto others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.”
"Do the right thing"
to a congregation
“If you choose to bring in Valentines cards, class, please make sure you have one addressed to each pupil.”
“I will follow that method of treatment which I consider for the benefit of my patient and abstain from whatever is harmful or mischievous.”
"Wash your own dirty dishes. Your mother doesn’t work here.”
to employees, through a sign near the office kitchen sink
“I will.”
to a bride (in response to this question)

"Will you love her, comfort, honor and keep her, in sickness and health; forsake all others and be faithful ’til death do you part?"
Biggest Audience
Getting your news there:
1. figure out what you want to say to which audience

2. email or call office manager Christine Kozlevcar
216-751-2320 Ext. 25
Patient audience

Many subjects ~~ covenant groups, RE, music, community, First Church events, and more...
How you get your news there:
1. gather relevant material: photos, letter, article or event details

2. make flyer

3. email to Christine or put in her mailbox

4. (for the flyer-challenged, Chris can make one)
Don't even think about putting it there, yourself!
how you find it:
connect with people
make new friends
post photos
tell stories
share information with members
How you get your news there:
post news, information about your group
respond to posts, comments by others
contribute frequently...but
don't just promote your group

if you post an event on >>
mention it on
communication channels, too
best for events happening within 1-2 weeks
highly visible
rises above noise of written communication
How you get your news there:
If your event is happening soon...

1. email Daniel Budd by 10:00 on the Sunday you'd like him to make the announcement

2. have all necessary details
especially effective for requests of significant commitments of time or money from people you know
lets you know who you reached
personal and direct
How you get your news out:
1. coffee hour after church
2. phone calls
how to find it:

network of hyperlocal news websites owned by AOL.

websites in Shaker Heights, Cleveland Heights, Beachwood, Solon and 13 other communities across Northeast Ohio

reaching tens of thousands of people every day
How you get your news there:
Anyone can post events, announcements, volunteer opportunities or blog, once they...
1. join the site
2. provide a name
3. email address
high profile, high visibility
large, regional audience
can be shared on social media, website
credibility, authority
How you get your news there:
1. make sure it passes the "worthy of newspaper" test

2. gather all relevant details and be able to briefly explain
it's news ~~
for the newspaper's audience

3. if you have a contact, call or email the writer or editor

4. if you don't, see if others here have advice
Don't put items on the bulletin boards yourself...
Use another communications channel
your news is the biggest or best or most unusual or will interest thousands of people.
But, be careful!
Otherwise, newspapers won't consider it "news"
published monthly
8-12 pages, which offers space for longer items
sent to all members/friends
distributed by snail mail or electronically (subscription button on home page)
current, past issues also on website under "members" tab on homepage
How you get your news there:
If your event is happening a month or so away

1. gather all necessary details
2. email items to Christine in Church office: christine@firstunitariancleveland.org
3. meet deadline! Third Monday of month, except Nov/Dec (second Monday)
E-mail blasts
two blasts general congregation and RE
weekly distribution
good for short items, reminders items for friends/members only (internal audience)
How you get your news there:
If your event is happening soon...

1. gather relevant details
2. meet the
! It's
3. send items for the
blast to
4. send items for the
blast to
Natalie Wardega
Yahoo group
an informal group of about 100 members
typically 1-20 posts a month
consider the news you want to spread, as this audience is limited and only internal
How you get your news there:
1. to join group, email:

2. to visit the site:
3. to post info:
post onto the site, or email:
Order of Service
distributed at the Sunday service
friends, members can take their copy home if desired
How you get your news there:
1. keep items short
2. give to Christine
3. deadline is every Thursday
Community Forum
space available in Fellowship Hall after Sunday service
face-to-face contact
easy, quick way to ask -- and answer -- questions and to provide materials
very personal but reaches only some of those who attended church that day
How you get your news there:
1. open to most any group at church...
2. but, it's best to tell Christine beforehand to check on available space
coffee hour table
yes, I can tell you more about that!
activism & education
Repeat on many communication channels
it really worked!
We're all done, but we'd love to hear from you...
Now, a real life example...
the case study:
permaculture garden
communicating about Permaculture
short, punchy and clear!
write down a script
appeal to the senses
Fellowship Hall
Channels we used
email blasts
small-scale visuals

one-on-one conversations
email and phone follow-up
Make a splash

outside groups

external media
some things to keep in mind when communicating
tailor your message to the audience
Here are some examples...



Now, the to spreading First Church news:

tools, channels and examples . . .
Main idea

right audience + effective tools =
communication success!
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