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Pop Culture 1900-1910

No description

Alberto Gobbo

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of Pop Culture 1900-1910

Popular Culture of 1900-1910 History -Wright Brothers built first airplane
-Theodore Roosevelt was elected president
-Ford motors was founded
-FBI was established
-Theodore went out of office,william taft took over office Fashion Music One of the greatest musicians in the
1900s to 1910s was Scott Joplin. Video By: Mario, Theo, Noah, Alberto, Rodrigo, Guilherme P. The Entertainer The types of music mostly
developed in this time were
Barbershop and Jazz. Played by:
Alfred C. Abadie.
Broncho Billy Anderson.
Justus D. Barnes.
Walter Cameron. The Great Train Robbery
was made in the year 1903 Vaudeville was a popular theatrical entertainment in North America, England, Australia and New Zealand. It started in the 1880's to the 1930's. When technology came and people started making better movies, vaudeville started getting unpopular and now it is forgotten. Played by:
Jean Acker
Jean Adair
Milton Ager
Will Ahern They made famous comedy movies. Abbott and Costello Barbershop is a blend of African
and American music. It is sung without any instrument accompaniment Men in this period had a typical mustache Women in this period had their dresses make their butts bigger
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