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$DC #5


Paul Soubry

on 4 June 2009

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Transcript of $DC #5

$DC #5 By: Bradley Reichardt, Gerassimos Pepelassis and Paul Soubry Problem People want a fun adventurous, different, exciting and safe way to spend time and energy in a Funhouse. Solution We will create a fun and safe miniature Funhouse that many people can enjoy Supplies A Box
Miniture Mirrors
super glue
colour tinted windows
Miniture Glass Windows Brainstorming We came up with many different ideas for Funhouses. We then agreed on our favourite Funhouse.
We chose #2 a Funhouse Building the Prototype Step 1
Cut the box into the size you prefer it to be Step 2
Start adding and attaching the mirrors and glass windows to the box Step 3
Add more supplies to the box and start adding finishing touches, such as the colour tinted windows and tinfoil

Step 4
You are done :) Upper View The first product was very simple so we thought we could expand on it. This was before we expanded on it and added more supplies. We added more and this is what it looked like: Rating materials

glass mirrors 7/10
scissors 8/10
super glue 8/10
tape 6/10
tinted mirrors 8/10
tinfoil 9/10
cost 3/10 Thanks for watching planning out the prototype
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