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Where the Broken Heart Still Beats

No description

Emily A

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of Where the Broken Heart Still Beats

Where the Broken Heart Still Beats
Block 4 Made: 03/11/2014

Setting- The story takes place in a camp in Texas.

White Family- Cynthia Ann (Naduah), Ben, Anna, Lucy, Topsannah (Prarrie Flower, Tecks Ann), Jedidiah (Jed), and grandfather.

Indian family- Peca Nocona, Quannah, Pecos, Topsannah, Calls louder, Walks all night, and Speckled Eagle.
The conflict in the story is that Cynthia Ann was once taken from her original family by the Indians. Twenty-five years later she was recaptured by the White men and taken back "home". Regardless of her Indian family they refused to let her go back.
Step 3
Step 4
By: Emily, Maggie, Maddy, and Brett
Internal Conflict-
Cynthia Ann wants to go back to her Native People and leave her original family. Because her family won't let her go she ends up running away and hurting herself.
External Conflict-
Cynthia Ann has to decide whether she should raise her baby White or Indian. She wants to raise her baby Indian because of her family there, but then wants to raise her baby White because she is losing hope of returning to her "new" Indian family.
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