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1920's Technology

Technology in 1920's. The start of a new era.

Ibrahim K

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of 1920's Technology

The start of a new era.
By: Ibrahim K, John Zhao, Si Shi 1920's Technology * How it affected the future?

* What were some of the benefits?

* How it changed the society?

* How did it affected the economy? Introduction Cars Invented Medical Invention Introduction Technology at home In the 1920's more and more technology are invented to help people in their daily life Introduction Television Conclusion those things were invented to help people in their daily life and have more fun The items that were invented in 1920's radio, television, vacuum and etc Many of the major medical developments we have today had their genesis in the 1920's. Medical Inventions During 1920's Radio Ford - First Car Company
3 out of 4 cars were bought by installment plans
Roads had to be rebuild, new laws had to be introduced.
Touring vacation became popular The discovery of Vitamin E Karel Capek => Made the word "Robot" Famous.

How did the word became famous? R.U.R [Rossum's Universal Robots]

The Play was written by: Karel Čapek in 1920.

By 1923, the play was converted into 30 different languages.

Displayed the idea that machines are capable of doing double the work in comparison to human. First appeared in Toronto

In 1927, it became advanced

By 1929, it became widely usable around the world.

Charles Bourseul, Thomas Edison, Elisha Gray, and Alexander Graham Bell invented Telephone. Telephone – 1924 Robots -Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin that is essential for normal reproduction; an important antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals in the body.
-Insoluble in water. What is Vitamin E There are many invention the are use in the house, for example vacuum, hair dryer, washing machine and other machine. Because of those appliances, the people in the 1920's can have more time out said and have funny with it. House appliances invention Computer the television is invented by two different inventors: John Logie Baird, Vladimir Zworykin
they invented the television at the same year, but they invented two different type of television.
John Logie Baird invented a electromechanical television and Vladimir Zworykin invented a Electronic television
those two type of television had different Transmission and reception. The invention of the radio can be found back in 1895 by a italian inventor Guglielmo Marconi, he had first send and receive the first signal in 1895
by 1920, radio became more and more popular many different kinds of radio where invented.
crystal radio were the first one to be use and manufactured. Also the kids can assemble the radio by follow the step and by the supplies from the store as low as six dollar Discovery of insulin. -Discovered by Dr. Frederick Banting and Charles Best at 1921.
-Insulin could balance blood glucose level.
-Human pancreas could produce insulin, but glucose will start building up in the bloodstream is not enough Insulin is being produced. -Vitamin E was discovered in 1922 by Evans and Bishop. -They thought milk is the perfect food and feed milk to rats everyday. -The rats didn't reproduce so they thought milk contains a substance that inhibits reproduce. -They discovered the substance and made changes on it. John Logie Baird's demonstration of televised moving images - 1926

Baird's company broadcast the first transatlantic television signal, between London and New York

In 1929, he became involved in the first experimental electromechanical television service in Germany. First TV Live Broadcast from Plane In 1919 Raymond Orteig had famously offered $25,000 to any aviator

Charles A. Lindbergh decided to take over the 33 hour continuous trip to Paris which changed the future.

The primary challenge was the enormous amount of diesel needed for such a long flight First Flight from New York to Paris How does it relates to: The Great Gatsby? Technology - Car was a huge deal in 1920's [Also in: The Great Gatsby]

Several instances of visible technology in The Great Gatsby develop its colorful characters.

An elevator ride at the end of Chapter II casts some doubt on Nick’s Side. He leaves Tom’s party with a photographer, Mr. McKee, and as the two groaned down the elevator, McKee suggests that Nick “Come to lunch some day”

A train transports Nick from the quiet Midwest to New York City, which he decides seems as good a place as any for an educated man to buy “old Dodge” and set up a bonds business.

Machine technology moves The Great Gatsby into rising action when, in Chapter VII, Tom demands that Gatsby drive his coupe and that he drive Gatsby’s “circus wagon” into New York City Conclusion How does it relates to: The Great Gatsby? The climax comes as a result of a car accident. George Wilson, husband to Tom’s mistress, finds out that Gatsby owns the car that hits his wife and drives away.

Daisy’s poor driving ends Myrtle’s life, but Gatsby pays for her mistake when George murders him

Machines bring him to the city, machines allow him to travel within the city, and machines remove him from it once more. -Penicillin was discovered by Ernest Duchesn in 1896 but he ignored it.
-It was then rediscovered in 1928 by Dr. Alexander Fleming Penicillin -He left some bacteria in a glass bottle one day and a few days late he noticed a halo of inhibition of bacterial growth around a contaminant blue-green mould.
-He soon found out the substance is Penicillium. Medical inventions are very important in the Great Gatsby.
-Penicillin is an important medicine for people in everyday's life.
-Insulin is important for those people went to parties everyday, it could balance their blood-glucose level. Conclusion
How Great Gasby related to Medical inventions Differences between the book & the movie! Book Movie Gatsby has a relationship with self made
millionaire, Dan Cody. Dan Cody is completely left out. Gatsby tells nick that his real name is:
James Gats He never reveals his real name. It has been 5 years since Daisy and Gatsby
have seen each other. It has been 8 years. When Gatsby is shot he sinks to the
bottom of the pool. He is shot, but he floats on his air mattress.
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