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Is Social Media the New Mass Media?

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Anna Sparkes

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of Is Social Media the New Mass Media?

Is Social Media the New
Mass Media? How Citizen Journalism differs from Traditional Journalism "Real information can almost paralyze,
as if [we] don't know what to do with it..." Viral Marketing Elements of a Viral Marketing Strategy

All marketing requires "sharing," people need to be interested enough to pass along the message, video or information.

Interactive viral marketing requires people to not only share the information, but to also actively participate in the success of the promotion

Using marketing techniques and strategies such as cross promotion, product integration, and rewarding the consumer, particularly with the increasing use of social media, brands are able to promote their name and product Interactive Viral Marketing and Cross Promotion In Conclusion - known as a method of product or brand promotion - relies solely on getting customers, viewers or readers to market an idea. - telling others, namely friends, family or peers, usually via the internet Dynamics of Viral Marketing "With consumers showing increasing resistance to traditional forms of advertising such as TV or newspaper ads, marketers have turned to alternate strategies, including viral marketing" Jure Leskovec CITIZEN JOURNALISM "When the people formerly known as the audience employ the press tools they now have in their possession to inform one another, THAT'S citizen journalism".

Jay Rosen, Department of Journalism (New York University) Who are these men? #1: Julian Assange The Australian hacker and whistleblower, once known as "Mendax", gained fame for releasing confidential and classified information from Government sites to the public on his website WikiLeaks. #2: Jason Russell (The Kony Guy) His independent film about Joseph Kony went viral on Youtube, sparking global interest. #3: Peter Kelly They are all: This video was created by citizen journalist news group Sourcefed and was posted on Youtube on the 15th of October 2012.

It has received 123,477 views and 2,035 comments as of the 23rd of October 2012.

SourcedFed was created by youtuber Philip Defranco on the 23rd of January 2012 as a side project to his main channel. It is a news based show hosted by comedians Joe Bereta, Lee Newton, Elliott Morgan, Steve Zaragoza, Meg Turney and Trisha Hershberger. Girl Shot By Taliban Relocated He isn't famous, but his blog about injustices in the insurance industry and judicial system has gained a lot of attention, and changed lives. CITIZEN JOURNALISTS! R.F Wilson (2005) SAMSUNG
The Next Big Thing Is Already Here (Sep '12) Coca-Cola 'Share a Coke' - 2011 The 2011 ‘Share a Coke’ campaign was widely successful, employing both online and offline techniques, responses and communication. Coca-Cola distributed products with labels encouraging Australians to connect with friends (via social media, photography and physical sharing) by inscribing 150 of Australia’s most popular names on the cans and bottles.

The results were overwhelmingly positive, brand recognition and approval soared, their Facebook site recorded a 870% increase in activity and 76 000 virtual coke cans were shared. Old Spice 'Video Responses to Tweets' - 2010 After winning the Grand Prix at Cannes for the Old Spice and Wieden Kennedy advertisements, Old Spice brought out a new, personalised crusade in 2010. This strategy involved recording video responses to the general public social media activity. Simply by tweeting about the brand could people have the chance of having a custom-made video produced individually for them. With Old Spice delivering over 120 videos in just 24 hours Old Spice created a viral sharing and tweeting frenzy. Burger King 'Subservient Chicken' - 2005 The Subservient Chicken campaign was launched in 2005 and involved a man dressed as a chicken performing actions demanded by the public. Generating over 20 million hits in a week many Internet users were shocked to find that it was Burger King was promoting their new chicken sandwiches.

Burger King later reported a weekly 9% increase in sales, stating that the significant increase was directly related to the viral website. The Echo Chamber of the Blogosphere - Lyndsey McDonald - In communications and media, an "echo chamber effect" refers to the amplification or reinforcement of information, ideas and beliefs as a result of its transmission in an enclosed space. Eg. The blogosphere. Who was persuaded by the message initially? Reactions Who spread the message via
Social Networking? Who bought the bracelets or posters?
Or knew someone that did? *** - Eden Stevenson - -Francien Boom- 1. Gives away products or services
2. Provides for effortless transfer to others
3. Scales easily from small to very large
4. Exploits common motivations and behaviours
5. Utilizes existing communication networks
6. Takes advantage of others' resources Creation and Effect of a Viral Advertisement - Francien Boom- Thoughts ? DirecTV- Petite Lap Giraffe- March 2011 Volkswagen & Planeta Terra 'The Fox' 2010 The Volkswagen Fox & Planeta Terra
Used social media sites to attract a specific demographic, younger Sao Paulo residents - those who would want to attend the festival

Cross Promotion: Promotes both the Planeta Terra festival and the Volkswagen Fox

Gives the consumer the freedom and control to tweet, share and search how they want

Employs a reward system - by rewarding participants with the chance of acquiring tickets, even by just simply tweeting, Volkswagen expands their campaign and brand awareness What is Interactive Viral Marketing? Today we've demonstrated that both citizen journalism and viral marketing campaigns employ social media sites to publicize their messages, information, news and advertisements.

This brings the relevance of broadcast mass media in today's society into question. Is social media the new mass media? While evidence shows that this is not the case, it reinforces the notion that the influence and power which mass media has established is maintained in contemporary society by social media. Citizen Journalism versus Traditional Journalism Citizen journalism tends to be much more opinionated than traditional journalism, often blurring the lines between fact and opinion. Objectivity is decreased as the personal views of the bloggers and vloggers are brought to the forefront. Citizen journalists often leave it to their audience to correct any mistakes they may make.

Traditional forms of journalism must remain relatively impartial due to the constraints placed on them by the network officials and advertisers. Opinion Professional journalists and institutions have expressed feeling threatened by the increased competition and free availability of news online.
It was an inherent belief that the responsive 'echo-chamber' of the blogosphere could not compete with investigative journalism however. The echo chamber of the blogosphere (again) "Citizen Journalism is no more a replacement for professional journalism than teabags are a replacement for water." The Blog Sources Blog Conventions:
Subjectivity (Opinion and Personal Involvement).
Audience (Size, Medium and Demographic).
Information Sources. Audience Encyclopedia of Journalism
Lewis Friedland & Nakho Kim, 2009 Dad's Blog

- Online technologies accelerate the impact of word-of -mouth communication (--> important component of viral marketing)

-Companies create social media hubs to complement their brand and products

- Marketers today are adapting their strategies to the online environment.

- Ultimately allows consumers to dictate purchase decisions- they tell others what is popular, interesting and fresh. Their is no specific tactic available to make an advert viral. The snowball of success is in the consumers hands. Social Media and the Community 'Traditional journalism acquires primary sources, whether interviews or documents, and then analyzes and synthesizes them. New forms of contribution-based journalism...rely more heavily on the “crowd” to collect sources and analyze and synthesize them in a distributed way' (Friedland & Kim 2008) Interactivity deals with the idea of distributed versus fully formed news stories.
In the case of citizen journalism even seemingly fully crafted news stories can take a new form as a result of the reactions, criticisms and fact checking that goes on in the comments.
Traditional journalism uses primary sources of information to create coherent, fully formed news narratives that do not require or encourage the audience to contribute. Provides for effortless transfer to others

Scales easily from small to very large

Exploits common motivations and behaviours

Utilizes existing communication networks Applied Elements Audience size is really important for traditional news broadcasters. They are always presenting to a mass audience and thus target their information in relation to this. The size of the audience for citizen journalism can be tiny or massive so instead of focusing on this it focuses on what their audience is interested in, offering short news stories relevant to their intended audience. The "Nature" International Journal team found that, on average;
Wikipedia articles had 3.86 errors, and;
Britannica Encyclopedia articles had 2.92 errors. Wikipedia would equate to a book of 2.25million pages Citizen Journalism before it was trendy Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay
The "Federalist Papers" were a series of 85 essays written between 1787 and 1788.
These essays were not the work of paid writers, thus, citizen journalism!
Aimed at promoting the ratification of the United States Constitution
"Dribbled" to readers piece-by-piece in New York newspapers
Were, however, released before first American school of journalism was founded The Federalist Papers "Threatens Privacy" "Promises Transparency" Interactivity Powerful observers looking at weak subjects
For example, Facebook Weak observers looking at powerful subjects
For example, Wikileaks Citizen journalism, investigative blogs and groups such as Wikileaks provide a compensating overlay to the demise of privacy "Transparency should be proportional to the power that one has. The more power one has, the greater the dangers generated by that power, and the more need for transparency. Conversel, the weaker one is, the more danger there is in being transparent."
- Julian Assange - Bentley, Clyde H. "Citizen Journalism: Back to the Future?" Gives away products or services

Takes advantage of others' resources Wikileaks and Assange were a "Source not a partner." Traditional journalists are highly trained professionals in their field whereas citizen journalists are often amateurs with limited journalistic training

This is reflected in their news presentations through such things as:
Tone: whether the news is presented formally or casually
Dress: whether the presenters are dressed casually or in business attire
Availability of sources: Are they able to obtain primary sources or do they have to rely on secondary sources? Degree of Training Applied Elements - Keller, Bill. "Open Secrets: Wikileaks, War, and American Diplomacy" Rue89 is an online French News website
Co-Founder Pierre Haski states the content to be a collaboration between "Journalists, experts and citizens."
Degree of citizen involvement could range from full documents to spell checking
Haski stated that readers felt more comfortable when professional journalists had the 'final cut' Wikileaks proved otherwise. Martin Luther was responsible for publishing the bible into the vernacular
This made it readily accessible
A paraphrased observation by the monk described that "every man can now be a Priest"

Latin has been compared to the html of today

Social Media and internet news is the vernacular of the medium Wikileaks and the Changing Playing Field Did you notice any differences between this online video and what you would expect of a traditional news story? Professionalism: Neither of the presenters are trained journalists, they are comedians and this news show is designed to be more causal and accessible. Reflected through:
Clothing: Casual clothing instead of the traditional business attire. Elliott is wearing a t-shirt designed and sold by Philip Defranco which is not uncommon for SourceFed presenters.
Tone: 'news speak' is not used. Everything explained in more common terms.

Opinion: This news story is highly opinionated with Elliot Morgan describing the attack on Malala as being 'vile' and 'deplorable.'

Sources: Only secondary sources are used with and extra footage aside from the studio being photographs.

Interactivity: Highly interactive. At the end of the video they ask you to respond to a question in the comments section, continuing the conversation and giving the audience the opportunity to call them out on any errors they may have made. Main Differences
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