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No description

Mia Parrett

on 6 February 2014

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Transcript of Professionalism

Career Services and Student Affairs
-Dress: Business Casual/Business Professional/Uniform Savvy
-Accessories: Body piercings, tattoos, hair color
-Good hygiene: facial hair, body odor/external odors
Think about it...
At the end of the day, your career is in your hands. What you wear will have a direct impact of how people feel, think and act towards you. So why not start projecting a strong professional image and leave a great impression on others?

Tip: Think of someone you know that is well dressed. How do you view this person in your workplace? In their everyday actions?
Laura Sand, Media Programs, Web Design

Mia Parrett, Design, Fashion, Photography

Bill Buck, Culinary
First, What not to do.
Professional Communication
Physical Appearance
Managing a Professional Image
Attitude Defines Altitude: positive, dedicated, show initiative
-Be a team player who has integrity
-Good qualities to embody: trustworthy, accountable, considerate, dependable, cooperative,committed, motivated, loyal, good work ethic.
Workplace Emails
Workplace Internet Usage
Tone-Delivery Methods of your words
Body language and non-verbal communication
Be a good listener
Keep sensitive information to yourself
Professional Development
-Take advantage of trainings and professional opportunities
-Get involved with professional associations, clubs, on-campus clubs, etc.
-Build a personal network of credibility and references, friends in the workforce, mentors, etc.
ON-Campus Clubs
-Interior Design Group (ID)
-120 Degree (Advertising Club)
-Student Game Design and Arts Club (SGDA)
-ACTS (Acting and Film)
-Fashion Uncensored
Get started early..
Promote Yourself Through Social Media
Just because you've got the job doesn't mean you can stop monitoring your online output..
Monitor your:
Career Services Advisors
Managing Your Professional Image: ONLINE
What to watch for:
Google Searches
Pictures/Social Media Sites
Professional Profiles
Emails in school directories
Contact information on website databases
What you can do:
Edit all online profiles
Manage privacy settings
visit www.brandyourself.com
MUSTS of projecting a professional image:
Invest in your wardrobe
Looking sharp not only builds your confidence but increases other people's perceptions of you
Be aware of the quality of your clothes
It's the details in your outfits that describe you as an individual- No loose buttons, holes, threads loose
Check your hygiene
Food stuck in your teeth? untidy hair? Body odors? ALL No-No's
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