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BCNet May 2010

Presentation for BCNet conference, Vancouver, May 2010

Patrick Mann

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of BCNet May 2010

Cybera AGM Nov.26/09 Cybera and Clouds Banff Centre 1 Gbps
Joint with CANARIE
Performance (Video, music) Calgary Technologies Inc. CANARIE OIP
Fibre UC to ARTC
Virtualization/Cloud CESWP GeoCENS Cyberports Videoconferencing Suites and Desktop systems
-Critical to distributed projects
-High-quality necessary for highly interactive development/proj management/...
-Should be integrated into culture, and into project management procedures. CyberaNet Cloud Enabled
Multiple sites
Large Simulation MCU
-funding Supernet CANARIE OIP
-GigE to Supernet
(upgrade existing 70 Mbps) Overview Projects maturing
Review a selection of projects
-Describe technology and development
practices BioGeoSciences
Data+Control GRC Data GeoCENS Data Collection
Metadata and standards
Sensor control
Analytics, Overlays
Processing Open Sensor CESWP BCNet 2010 "Syntropy" software
Multiple synchronized VM's
-Alberta Innovation voucher
-Internal systems Project Management Cybera Project admin: invaluable
-strong leadership
-rapid prototyping
-grad students, research assistants "Professional"
-"Classic" Agile
-respond to continuous change
-academic, research and business -Should be built into project
-Project must be responsive
(Agile, Rapid Prototyping)
-Dev teams MUST be in continual contact
-User community MUST be engaged Virtual Organization
User Community Best Practices?? -Dev team familiarity
-User requirements and familiarity
-Flexible use of tools Collaboration -Wiki's
-Google Docs
-Google Groups
Critically important Sharing Tools/Dev Environment Conclusion Exciting times!
Best practices??? Flexibility.
No "perfect" methods/solutions.
Worrying - sustainability
Alberta Cloud/Utility infrastructure:
Robin Data-driven
Service oriented Architecture
Metadata standards Virtualization Green Star Network Canarie again
Solar powered node at cybera
Distributed team (National/International)
Distributed technology
-Migrate VM's (Jobs and Apps)
IBM expects the global cloud computing market to grow at a compounded annual rate of 28 percent from $47 billion in 2008 to $126 billion by 2012.
(Internet Evolution, May 3, Todd Watson)
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