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sabrina tassoni

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Mormonism

Mormonism hour 2 Foundation Death of Smith Modern
Mormonism Women's Roles Architecture Mormonism makes up 2% of the world's population. Churches were built in a rectangular structure with a roof pitched to the sides. A steeple housed the bell to let people know the time. The assembly halls in temples were rearranged and it had more to do with the neighborhood church. Brigham Young's Leadership Brigham Young led his followers to Utah. In 1857, President Buchanan sent an army into Utah due to tensions between Mormons and non-Mormons. Brigham Young assumed the role of their leader following Smith's death. The Utah War The Utah War was relatively peaceful. It resulted in Brigham Young stepping down from his position of governor. Mormons still had high control in politics. Smith and his brother were killed in 1844 by an anti-Mormonism mob. in the 1820s Joseph Smith was visited by Jesus Christ and God. He was told not to join a church because they were all false Between 1828 and 1830 Smith grew as a prophet and leader for the Mormon religion. Smith translated these plates and published them in the Book of Mormon An Angel called Moroni visited Smith and told him about a book of golden plates buried near his house. These plates contained a history of American civilization. The First Vision To avoid prosecution, most converts had moved to Kirtland, Ohio. By 1831 almost all Mormons had left New York. Mormons were expelled from Ohio when a church-sponsored bank failed. They relocated to Far West, Missouri. In 1838, Mormons were expelled from Missouri after the 1838 Mormon War. Mormons relocated to Nauvoo, Illinois. The Nauvoo Temple was constructed and this became the new Mormon headquarters Europeans immigrated to Illinois and converted to Mormonism. Smith began introducing temple ceremonies to seal families together for eternity . Plural marriage was introduced. Joseph Smith's eldest son led those who rejected Brigham Young's leadership. This group stayed in Illinois. Polygamy was rejected by them. Young died in 1877. Following his death, many U.S. Presidents tried to eliminate polygamy. Beliefs of Mormonism Rituals Mormonism is considered a liturgically simple faith due to the lack of complex rituals. Women are expected to be housewives. There is a Relief Society for women to learn basic skills. Similar to the belief system of Christianity Started in New York, relocated to Ohio, relocated to Missouri, relocated to Illinois. Brigham Young led his followers to Utah and the followers of Joseph Smith's son stayed in Illinois. Jesus Christ is the son of God, and the savior of Mormon people. His mother is Mary and he was born in Bethlehem. He was raised in Nazareth. He is the only way we can return to live with the Heavenly Father. The Atonement Jesus died for their sins and it is only by His mercy and grace that anyone can be saved. His resurrection allowed every person to overcome physical death. Jesus will return in a Second Coming, after which he will reign on earth for 1000 peaceful years. Views on the afterlife are vastly different from that of Christianity Final judgement comes in 2 stages, the first of which taking place immediately after death. Your spirit is judged based on general goodness during life, and you are assigned to one of two places. Paradise, where you will enjoy peace of conscience and a time of rest. Spirit prison, where you will be tormented by guilt and denied rest. Both groups are relieved of suffering because there are without their physical bodies, which are viewed as a bondage to earth according to Mormon scripture. At the time of Jesus Christ's first resurrection, all pre-existing members of Paradise were resurrected as well. Current inhabitants of Paradise must wait until His second coming. There is a three-tiered hierarchy of Heaven, as described by Joseph Smith. It is known as the Kingdom of Glory. The Celestial Kingdom is the highest of the three. This is the destination of those who accepted all rituals performed by authority of Mormon priesthood. Only those who are married for eternity can enter the Celestial Kingdom. Inhabitants enjoy the presence of both Jesus and God. The Terrestrial Kingdom is the middle kingdom. It is here that people wo lived honorable lives and accepted the atonement of Jesus Christ, but were not valiant in their testimonies of Christ. Inhabitants of the Terrestrial Kingdom enjoy the presence of Jesus, but not God. The lowest kingdom is the Telestial Kingdom. Inhabitants of the Telestial Kingdom are sinners who refused to repent. Inhabitants enjoy the presence of the Holy Ghost, but not Jesus or God. To repent is to recognize that you have sinned, and to feel bad about it. Jesus's suffering allows sinners to be released from punishment of misdeeds in the afterlife if the sinner repents and accepts Mormon baptism. Those who do not repent suffer in the afterlife, but even the darkest of sinners eventually are redeemed through atonement of Jesus into a realm of glory. Members of the Celestial Kingdom and the Terrestrial Kingdom will be resurrected at Jesus Christ's second coming and will live under his rule for 1000 years. There is a fourth kingdom known as the Other Darkness, which is the mysterious home of Satan and the spirits who followed him when he was cast out of Heaven at the beginning of time. Destination for people who reject Jesus Christ. Here they will find eternal lamentation and no divine presence. There is no movement between kingdoms after the final judgement is made. "I told the brethren that the Book of Mormon was the most correct book of any book on earth, and the keystone of our religion, and a man would get nearer to God by abiding by its precepts than any other Book." - Joseph Smith, creator

This shows he thinks their way of the world in this book is the only correct way. "God Himself is increasing and progressing in knowledge, power, and dominion, and ill do so, worlds with end." - Brigham Young

This shows that their god is not an all-knowing being, but rather grows each day. Effect on Existing Belief Systems Mormons believed that a marriage between a man and a woman was essential to his Eternal Plan, meaning that Eternal Marriage is necessary to fulfill one’s highest spiritual potential as a son or a daughter of God.

Unlike traditional marriage, the line “till death do us part”was not included in the vows. Instead, “for time and all eternity” was used. Mormons believed that marriage was an eternal bond that could never be separated. Mormons also practiced polygamy, which is what most people think of when they think of Mormonism. Polygamy is not commonly practiced by Mormons today. Politics In the past, Mormons were mostly Republicans, but that has changed. The Mormon church does not endorse a particular political party. Most Mormons, it seems, are politically neutral. Mormons partake in Communion, although it is commonly called the Sarcrament. This involves consuming bread and water (not wine or grape juice, as used in Christianity) in remembrance of Jesus Christ. It is designed to renew the covenants that Mormons make at baptism to obey God’s commandments, and to remember the sacrifice of Christ in daily life. It is also designed to ensure that God’s spirit may constantly accompany the participant. Communion Baptism Baptism is performed shortly after a Mormon child’s 8th birthday. It follows a set prayer involving the conferral of the Gift of the Holy Ghost, using conferred by a priest. Much like in Christianity, baptism is a way to ensure protection over the child by higher beings. Private Rituals There are several private rituals that take place within Mormon temples. Endowment Consists of recitation of the main events of sacred history, starting with the creation of the earth and the Garden of Eden, as well as the process of covenant making in which participant agrees to live according to the teachings of the LDS church. Sealing Spouses are married for eternity and children are bound to their parents in an eternal family unit. Stand-ins for the Dead Individuals who died without the knowledge of the true gospel must be provided with an opportunity to accept those teachings in the afterlife. Mormons are baptised, endowed, and sealed during temple rituals in which they stand in for the dead. Funerals Mormon funerals involve large family gatherings with an emphasis on the life of the deceased and the significance of eternal family relationships. Endowed Mormons are typically buried in their endowment ritual clothing. A priest dedicates the grave through informal prayer, asking God to protect the grave and its occupant until the time of resurrection. Religious Texts The Holy Bible
The Book of Mormon
The Doctrine and Covenants
contains 64 revelations/commandments
The Pearl of Great Price Change Over Time What were the turning points in the religion? There were two wars over/involving Mormonism. Mormons were also expelled from several states, forcing them to relocate often in the early days of Mormonism. Their founder/creator was murdered and a new leader took over, basically dividing the religion into two sects. What were the consequences of those changes? When Joseph Smith died, Mormonism was separated by two leaders, Brigham Young and the son of Joseph Smith. Each new leader took the religion down a different path.
When Mormons were expelled from certain states they were forced to relocate and essentially start anew. It is also against the Mormon religion to consume any addictive substance such as caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol. If Joseph Smith were to evaluate present day Mormonism, he would probably recognize certain parts of it. If he were to enter a Mormon church he might recognize some of the things that were being taught and practiced in the church. Obviously the religion has changed since he was alive since it has seen many leaders since then, but the basics of the religion are probably still evident enough for him to recognize the religion. Bibliography www.patheos.com
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