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Manal Khan

No description

cheryl manley

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of Manal Khan

My Family Tree
My Uncles & Aunties (Mom & Dad sides)
My mom has only one brother and he lives in
Dallas, USA with his family
All about me
My favorite food is a rice dish
called Biryani
My favorite game is hide and seek
My favorite movie is Monster University
By:Manal Khan
Pakistan Flag
Country I originated From: PAKISTAN
Popular Sport: Cricket
Old Pakistan
New Pakistan
National fruit:
I am almost 8 years old
I love to read and draw
My hobby is to help my mom
I roller blade in the summer
(Dad side)
My Grand Parents

My Grand Parents

My Parents
(Mom Side)
(Mom side)
(Dad side)
My dad has many brothers and sisters and
they live in Pakistan, USA and England
Dallas City(USA)
Karachi City (Pakistan)
London City(England)
Chicago City(USA)
I enjoy talking and playing with my uncles and
aunties whenever i visit them.
My great grand parents lived in India
when Pakistan was a part of it.
My Great Grand Parents
My Great Grand Parents
When Pakistan was made in 1947, my
grand parents chose to live in Pakistan.
I have one little cute sister. she is in senior kindergarten.
I love her very much.
My Ancestors
Map of India & Pakistan
Pakistan Air Force Meusum
Popular Food Street

What differnce my parents see in Canada
My dad came to Canada to explore this country.
My dad finshed his studies in Pakistan but he had to study agian to get a good job here.
My mom came to Canada later.She was working in Pakistan but now she is studing to work agian.
My parents were born and lived
in Pakistan.
The first difference is the climate.Pakistan is
closer to equater so it is a hot country.
The houses in Pakistan are open and big to keep people cool inside but here it is the opposite.
Canada has cleaner air and no pollution.
Pakistani House
Canadian House
No pollution on the road
lots of car smoke
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