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"It Isn't Gossip If It's True": Fan Interactions with Gossip Girl Recaps

Console-ing Passions 2010 Chelsea Bullock

Chelsea Bullock

on 26 May 2010

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Transcript of "It Isn't Gossip If It's True": Fan Interactions with Gossip Girl Recaps

The recaps are embedded within networks of other cultural texts. Does the commercial nature of the recap sites diminish the "authentic"nature of fan participation? Daily Intel shout-out! Why talk about Gossip Girl recaps? What about Glee or Lost? These representative quotes indicate "adult"participation and interpretation. The satire of the recaps provides reassurance for politically anxious fans. (Adult?) fan reluctance to fully embrace the show, politically and aesthetically. Why do the fans who participate in these recaps want or need separate spaces from the more traditional blogs and fansites?
Are these recap sites providing fans with more or different interpretative opportunities than other forums?
How can the commercial nature of these sites be incorporated into an academic understanding of the give-and-take nature of these spaces? Does reciprocity come into play? other fan sites Gossip Girl Gawker and Daily Intel http://is.gd/bGnyf http://is.gd/bGnAZ http://is.gd/bGo2k http://is.gd/bGo4L http://is.gd/bGo8n "What rhymes with Sonic Youth and is also music to our ears? Truth, friends. And that was what we heard a lot of on last night's Gossip Girl." (Daily Intel) "Plus 20 for the homoerotic tension between Blair and Brandeis when they first meet. This hearkens back to Blair's summary of the NYU experience as consisting of "rereading Beloved and experimenting with lesbianism." —SNARKETTE (Daily Intel) Eleanor on Blair: "She hasn't been out of her room in days. It's like living with Howard Hughes." Plus 3 for finally having an adult make a reference that no one under 30 would get. (Daily Intel) Would new Little J be so enthused about board games? I say no. Minus 5.
Minus 10 for her lipstick & dresses.
Minus 15 for no one making a "prostitot" joke to her.

SOMEONE GET THAT GIRL A COMB & SOME FACE WASH! -MLP_STUCKINTHEOH_519 (Daily Intel) If it walks like a duck..." is one of the best lines from the original teen drama- Beverly Hills 90210. Plus 10 because of course Blair is closet 90210 fan, and has been waiting for a chance to use the line to accuse Serena of the same thing Brenda accused Kelly of: blonde sluttyness. —CONSUELAKITKAT (Daily Intel) -2 for Eleanor being so upset about gifting a home to Dorota. That's exactly what someone in her place would do. She'd totally think she was being magnanimous by giving a gift she thought was more than Dorota could ever hope for (especially since it's chump change to the Roses), even though Eleanor would totally think the neighborhood was dirty, too ethnic, and beneath her. She's totally the type that would throw money at Dorota and expect her to be grateful. But then again she could be the type who see the help as subhuman like Lucille Bluth and Lupe in Arrested Development. I'm sticking by my minus 2. - MELISSAMOODY (Daily Intel) http://is.gd/bGpI0 http://is.gd/bGpJu
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