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Federation Librarian

Details the UWE Federation Librarian role [initially for Kingston University]

Ian Collins

on 16 July 2010

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Transcript of Federation Librarian

UWE Federation Partners Federation Librarian Programmes Students Current activity Future Resources and support.
Information literacy support.
Review and evaluation (library and programme).
Informed by Federation Office commissioned studies – the foundation experience, student representation, transition [ongoing]
Licensing project.
Partnerships for HE in FE: the library perspective conference.
Information literacy project.
Future libraries workshops.

Collaboration and Quality Constraints on numbers and funding in short term.
Focus on electronic delivery and sharing resources.
Supporting delivery of curriculum.
Transitions and the HE experience.
Bridging distance using technology –partners using technology to support staff and student collaboration.
Promotion of services and spaces.
Origin and intention of post.
Federation office.
Wider collaborative provision.
Type of partners - initially restricted to publicly- funded education providers.

Geographical range - normally within the counties of the former Avon, Gloucestershire, Somerset and Wiltshire.

Activity - rooted in market led collaborative curriculum design of new and existing UWE awards and courses.

Structure - decentralised approach.
Cirencester College
City Academy, Bristol
City of Bath College
City of Bristol College
Filton College
Gloucestershire College
New College Swindon
Norton Radstock College
Richard Huish College, Taunton
Stroud College
University of the West of England
Weston College
Wiltshire College
Yeovil College
Aero Engineering
Business & Management
Creative Practices (Fashion, Fine Art, Graphic Design, Photography, Applied Arts)
Criminology & Criminal Justice
Early Years
Environmental Health
FE Teacher Training
Foundation Year Computing and Information Systems
Foundation Year for Allied Health Professionals
Games Technology
Integrated Wildlife Conservation
Health & Social Care Practice
Heritage Horticulture
Higher Level Teaching Assistants
Inclusive Practice
Mechanical Engineering
Substance Misuse
Supporting Teaching & Learning in FE

High quality, relevant and locally - accessible HE opportunities.

Opportunities to progress to UWE (or other HEIs).

Entitlement to UWE resources and support, including access to the UWE Bursary and Access to Learning Fund.

A recognised qualification from a reputable university.
Adds to or extends HE curriculum portfolios which are relevant to local needs.

A sustainable funding stream based on a three-year cycle.

Access to dedicated partnership support.

Access to internal UWE staff development.

Economies of scale by working with both UWE and other partners on curriculum development and delivery.

Contributes towards widening participation.

Engages with and address sub-regional HE requirements.

Links UWE to employers through partner FECs.

Encourages innovative and flexible methods of delivering HE.

Raises the University’s civic profile across the region.
Information literacy

Academic literacies for HE in FE, the 'contestability of knowledge' and the importance of information literacy. Future libraries

JISC libraries of the future project and workshops inspired by this.
'HE'ness' of library/information experience.
Bridging gap between HE an FE library experience.
Different learners, different technologies.
Role of librarian and supporting learning.
http://heinfelibrary.wordpress.com/ To provide local choices of programmes and opportunities to progress into Higher Education (HE).

To develop strategic partnerships to plan and provide quality-assured higher education which widens participation, meets the demand for higher level employment skills and offers seamless educational opportunities between Further Education (FE) and HE in the region.

To develop reciprocal learning, networking, co-operation, and collaboration between Federation partners
Links http://www.skills4studycampus.com/OrgLogin.aspx http://www.jisc.ac.uk/librariesofthefuture http://heinfelibrary.wordpress.com/ http://iskillzone.uwe.ac.uk http://share.uwe.ac.uk/teams/flg/default.aspx Ian Collins
UWE Federation Librarian
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