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Global warming needs to be stopped

No description

Tammi McClain

on 6 December 2017

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Transcript of Global warming needs to be stopped

Right now moose, salmon, snowshoe hares, American pikas, sea turtles, puffins, Alaskan caribou, piping plovers, and polar bears are all being effected by one deadly cause, global warming.
Weather these animals need cool climates, fast flowing streams, or are just trying to find food that seem to have disappeared, they are all on the verge of being extinct.

We have all seen global warming and its effects on the now rising water, the catastrophic wild fires, and the water shortages. But just as you think it cant get any worse, it does, animals and even eco systems are all being effected by this disastrous cause. The question is, how can we help?
How we can stop global warming
We need to stop hoping and start doing. Their are millions of people out their who have the power to stop global warming we just need to work together.
Global warming needs to be stopped
Living on a warming planet
Global warming has had devastating effects on our world, although glaciers are a part of these effects there's more to it than that. Such as rising waters, the loss of habitats and homes for some animals, melting glaciers, increasing temperatures, horrible fires, desertification and worst of all, erratic natural disasters.
At the current rate, scientist predict that by between
2030 and 2045, our world's global temperature will increase by 4 degrees Celsius. If conditions are worse our average global temperature could increase by 5-7 degrees Celsius, leaving whole eco systems destroyed and life threatening rises in sea level, all from extreme heatwaves.
Even if we stop global warming soon, the damage that we have done will be permanent. All we can do is try to take action to end this disaster sooner.

Although China takes first in producing the most pollution, we have still come in a close second. This lets us know that we should take care of our environments atmosphere better.
How is global warming effecting our eco systems?
Some things we can do
Power your home with renewable energy/go solar
Use energy efficient appliance
Use hybrids or fully electric vehicles
Reduce, reuse, and recycle
Reduce waste
Use less hot water
Avoid products with lots of packaging
Turn of lights in a room your not using
plant a tree
Tune your car regularly
Conserve water
Eat naturally
Ride your bike or take a walk
Spread awareness
Global warming can be stopped, but only with your help. Some people even predict that scientists will create new things to help global warming. What we really need to do is try to stop it ourselves, every little thing helps. Making a cleaner place for your children or maybe even a niece or nephew, should be something you make a priority. All we need to do is try.
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