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Music In The Media

No description

Lana Thyssen

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of Music In The Media

By Lana Thyssen
8B Music In The Media Music in The Media Name Three Films Made Since 2000 for which Howard Shore wrote music. Throughout the years Howard Shore has written musical pieces for at least eighty movies and even at the age of sixty five he is still conducting music for the new movie the Hobbit. Three Movies after 2000 he has produced music for are:

1)A Dangerous Method - Created In 2011

2)The Twilight Saga: Eclipse-Created In 2010

3)Edge of Darkness- Created In 2010 Howard Shore Soundtracks The orchestra that produced the lord of The Rings's tracks are called the lord of the rings symphony.

To be able to express the nature in the Lord Of The Rings Trilogy and in Peter Jackson's film Howard Shore had to work tremendously hard for four years, this included a huge amount of effort from himself and his symphony. This resulted in unique soundtracks that perfectly expressed the nature of the trilogy and also resulting in uppermost amazing visual picture. Find out the name of the large concert work (orchestral work) that Howard Shore created out of music from the three Lord of The Rings films. Music in The Media The Bridge of Khazad Dum Concerning Hobbits The Lord of The rings Symphony (documentary) Throughout time John Williams has composed amazing pieces for blockbuster movies like Harry Potter and Jurassic Park. He uses his music to build up tension and create moods in which are used as non-diegetic music in the films. Three of the most recent movies that he has composed for are:

1)War Horse- Created In 2011

2)Memories of a Geisha-Created In 2005

3)The Adventures of Tin Tin- Created In 2011 Name three films made since the year 2000 for which John Williams wrote the music for. Jurassic Park theme song The Adventures of Tin Tin Memories of a Geisha Artist: David Garrett Find At Least Three Different Arrangements of the Mission Impossible Theme. David Garrett-Mission Impossible Lalo Schifrin Adam Clayton/Larry Mullen -Mission Impossible Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

1) Corpse Bride- Created In 2005

2) The Next Three Days-Created In 2010

3) Meet The Robinsons- Created In 2007 Name Three Films Since the Year 2000 for which Danny Elfman Wrote the Music. Danny Elfman- Victors Solo (Corpse Bride) Danny Elfman- The Next Three Days-22 The Truth Danny Elfman- Meet The Robinsons- The Future Name The Disney animated Film That was Turned Into a Stage Musical. Who wrote the lyrics? Who wrote the songs? What is one of the hit songs. Name The Famous Movie Director With Whom Danny Elfman has had a Close Connection . Name The Oscar-winning Film Directed by This Person in which Elfman Wrote The Music A musical that was directed by Lloyd-Webber and turned into a film is The Phantom Of The Opera. The film was released in 2004.
The main characters in the Film are:
Gerard Butler-The Phantom
Emmy Rossum- Christine
Patrick Wilson- Raoul
Miranda Richardson- Madame Giry
Ciaran Hinds- Firmin
Simon Callow- Andre
Victor McGuire- Piangi
Jennifer Ellison- Meg Giry

The Plot: A girl, Christine lost her father as a young child and was taken in by her best friends mother "Madam Giry" she soon meets what she thinks is an 'Angel Of Music' who is here to protect and guide her and who tutors her but he is really the Phantom. One Day the Opera is re-sold and the Serprano develops a problem and walkes out so Christine gets her chance. Though as soon as the soprano comes back Christine is one again pushed aside. The phantom starts to strikes to get Christine back into the main role and he soon falls in love with her. Though soon she falls in love with a childhood friend and the Phantom gets jealous and tries to kill him. While this is happening many problems occur many people die and the opera catches fire and nealy burns to the ground. Name an Andrew Lloyd-Webber stage musical that has been made into a film. State the year of the film’s release and name the main actors. Also, briefly outline the plot of the musical and name one of the hit songs. List some of the other songs used in Cars apart from ‘Life is a Highway’ and ‘Route 66.’ For each song, name the artists who performed the song and state the year it was first released. Name three animated films for which Randy Newman wrote the music for. The Disney film that was turned in to a musical was 'Tarzan'. The songs were written by: Phil Collins and David Zipple and orchestrated by Mark Mancina.
The Lyrics were written by Phil Collins and sung by him in four out of five of his songs.
One of the hits songs is: Two Wolds Style: Rock
Date of Release: April 5th 2011
Interesting Facts: David Garret was the youngest soloist
in history having recorded two albums by the age of 14.

Artist: Adam Clayton/Larry Mullen
Style: Rock Symphony's
Date Of Release: November 21st 2006
Interesting Facts: Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen
were both part of the bad U2.

Artist: Royal Philmharmonic Orchestra.
Style: Rock Symphony
Date Of Release: November 21st 2006 Tarzan Soundtrack- Two Worlds- Phil Collins. 1) Toy Story 3- Created In 2010

2) Monsters Inc-Created In 2001

3) Meet The Parents- Created In 2000 Randy Newman We Belong Together. Monsters Inc- If I Didn't have You- Randy Newman Meet The Parents- Broken Heart/Pam's problem- Randy Newman
1) Sh Boom Sh Boom- The Crew Cuts- Released In 1954.

2) My Heart Would Know- Hank Williams- Released In 1953

3) Behind The Clouds- Brad Paisley-Released In 2006 My heart Would Know- Hank Williams Sh Boom Sh Boom- The Crew Cuts Behind The Clouds- Brad Paisley The director which Danny Elfman had a close connection is Tim Burton. Danny Elfman helped Tim Burton to shape his film by writing the music in the blockbuster/Oscar-winning Film Batman. Batman Theme-Danny Elfman Presentation By Lana Thyssen
8B Thank You :) All I Ask Of You- Andrew Lloyd-Webber
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