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My Family Tree

No description

Chloe Oliver

on 29 November 2016

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Transcript of My Family Tree

My Family Tree
By Chloe Oliver
My name is Chloe Maree Oliver and I was born on the 22nd of September 2003 in Perth Western Australia. I currently live in Point Samson with my siblings and parents.
My Sister
Elle May Oliver was born on the 8th of May 1998 in Perth Western Australia. Elle loves to watch movies, go out with friends and sleep.
My Sister
Zoe Jane Oliver was born on the 1st of February 2001 in Perth Western Australia. She loves to read books, cook, go on walks along the beach and eat chocolate.
My Dad
My Mum
Jane Maree Oliver was born on the 30th of April 1969. She is currently a teacher and business owner.
My Uncle
My Uncle
My Aunty

My Uncle
My Aunty
Darrin Peter Oliver was born on the 20th of September 1969. He currently is a mainline train driver for Rio Tinto.
John Dagostino was born on the 18th of April 1971. He is currently a goverment liasin manager for Shell. He has two kids with his fiancee.
My Aunty
Lesely Alfeck is currently working as a public servant officer for land corp. She is the mother of Alexis and Lillian Dagostino.
Michael Dagostino was born on the 17th of January 1967. He is a currently a lawyer. He has one child with his partner Rebecca.
Rebecca is the mother of Clara and the partner of Michael.
My Cousin
Clara Dagostino was born on the 24th of October 2016. She is the first born child of my Uncle, Uncle Michael.
My Cousin
My Cousin
Liam Oliver was born on the 16th of August and is currently a doing an apprenticeship. He lives in Sydney with his brother and Mum.
My Pop
Robert Stanley Oliver was born on the 28th of November 1945. He is currently retired but used to be a sailor.
Lauren Oliver was born on the 28th of June. She married my uncle, uncle Jeff in February this year. She is currently a nurse.
Jeff Oliver was born on the 17th of December. He has two sons to Brenda and earlier this year got Married to my Aunty.
Brenda is the mother of my two cousins Liam and Ryan. She was with my uncle for a little while but never got married or engaged with him.
Wayne was born on the 10th of November and is the youngest of his siblings. Wayne is currently a farmer.
Pamela is retired.
Ryan was born on the 18th of March. He is currently in his third year of uni studying Medicine.
Rita Dagostino was born on the 23rd of November 1939. She lives in Harvey on a little farm by herself. Rita currently unfortunately suffers from Dementia.
My Pop
Rocco Dagostino was born on the 30t of July 1942. He is a beef farmer and race horse trainer. He lives alone on his farm in Harvey.
My Cousin
Alexis Dagostino enjoys riding horses at her uncles Riding School and she really enjoys reading books. She is currently in year 4.
My Cousin
Lillian Dagostino is the youngest cousin on the Dagostino side. She is in year 1 and she is a mischief maker. Lillian loves to do art and she ply with her pet bunny.
My Great Grandpa
John Oliver was a man who repaired warships in Sydney. John sadly passed when my Dad was age nine.
My Great Grandma
My Great Grandpa
My Great Grandma
Doreen Way was a mother of two girls and she was a house mum so she did jobs round the house. She is now buried in Geraldton with her daughter and husband.
Earnest Way was a man who went to WWII. He survived war but came home to Australia as a paraplegic.
Hannah Oliver was someone i didn't get to meet as she died at the age of 45 from breast cancer. She passed away while on holidays at the Cook Islands.
My Great Grandpa
My Great Grandma
My Great Grandpa
My Great Grandma
Dominique Dagostino imigrated from italy. He imigrated as he had terrible experience in Italy as he was a prisoner of war.
Rosa Dagostino imigrated from Italy. She imigrated with her family when she was 22 years of age.
William Williamson was a father of five children and a loving grandfather to seventeen grandchildren.
Ida Williamson was a business owner as she owned a italian deli. The deli is still owned by younger generations of the Williamson family today.
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