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megan's project


megan sheehan

on 6 May 2013

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Transcript of megan's project

Prezi The future of Presentation The Prezi toolbar is easy to navigate and easy to get use to, becauseeverything is in one place. Unlike in PowerPoint where you have to look in so many different places to find what you want. Prezi does not have spell check Prezi is very simple and does not have all the bells and whistles of PowerPoint but what Prezi can't do you can do in another program and upload it to Prezi. Problems with Prezi Prezi like to lag at times
A.K.A it’s slow and freezes at times. Prezi has a very limited amount of formatting options if you don’t buy the full program from the site. But with a lot of creativity you could make it work. Sorces All prezi imiges taken from www.Prezi.com using smart notebook camera and http://prezi.com/manual/
All PowerPoint imiges taken from PowerPoint 2003 using smart notebook camera
upload.wikimedia.org/.../e/e1/Fox-40-whistle.jpg Prezi also is very fun to explore and play around with. Prezi is unique unlike PowerPoint where everything is so expected and has been done before. And the Prezi help page explains how to do everything in Prezi and how to uplode things to Prezi. http://prezi.com/manual/ Positives of Prezi IT'S NEW!!! IT'S FRESH!!! These are all the formatting options Prezi has to offer. In comparison to PowerPoint’s almost limitless possibilities Here are some of the thousands of posibilitys PowerPoint has to offer The End EX: My Presentation fsjgkasgf;
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