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Life Makers DC mega camp, Jan. 2013 ar

life makers DC mega camp, Jan 2013

Amr Noaman

on 8 April 2015

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Transcript of Life Makers DC mega camp, Jan. 2013 ar

Our Vision What is the camp about? Why go to the camp? Our previous camps? Outcomes "To promote charity and civic engagement in our society in order to bring a major renaissance through various development projects" "To successfully graduate and engage a reliable tier of leaders to take part in Life Makers developmental projects" Our Mission Vision & Mission The campaign aims to involve the community in outreach efforts to keep new generations off the abuse of Narcotic Drugs and addiction by focusing on two missions:
1 - To convince and educate healthy people to stay healthy.
2 - To direct & guide addicts to treatment program. We strive to eradicate illiteracy in Egypt through the activation of young people energies to achieve the renaissance of Egypt and the image that we all wish to see in our society ... Egypt free of illiteracy Project Ensan aims to fight poverty and dropping out of education through micro finance projects for the poor families and bring their children back to school. We
Seek to prove that the youth if had the capabilties & means is able to remove the face of misery from the world Life Makers DC is an organization that is committed to improving the social well being of the Arab society through various development programs. Life Makers DC camps present its campers with a unique inspirational experience. The programs help participants fine-tune their personal goals and identify the necessary respective skills. The camp will be held in 5 star Cancun Beach Resort, Ain Sokhna
Full board accommodation
Buses to and from Sokhna
In Life Makers DC Camps you get to.
Participate in personal development workshops by special certified trainers
Get a special orientation about our Life Makers DC community projects
Get up close and personal with Dr. Amr Khaled
Enrich your social network and meet new people! "Fun Packed Trip"
•Daily inspiration with Dr. Amr Khaled
•Competitive games and skill building activities
•Sports & fitness
•Camp fire dinner
•Bedouin night
•Occasional special guests "Life Makers Projects"
We are proud to present our campers with a general introduction about our special projects at Life Makers DC.. Alex Fayoum Marsa Allam 1 & 2 Fayoum Campers chose the name "Et7arak" for their Camp Alex Campers chose the name "Meshwar" for their Camp 500 of our distinguished camp graduates are now reliable leaders in Life Makers DC projects
Established regular work groups to follow up on personal development and self-selected project
Camp reunions every annual quarter with a special celebrity guest
Maintaining contact with Dr. Amr Khaled Join Life Makers DC Camp Now! Testimonials Life Makers started in 2004
Locally operating in 19 Governorates
Internationally operating in Jordan & Alegria GOALS "The Elimination of Extreme Poverty & Hunger" "Achieving Universal Primary Education" "Promote Gender Equity & Empower Women" Global Partnership Develop for "Development" Place: Price: Time: From 31th January to 4th of February 2013 (5 Days/ 4 Nights). 3,300 LE including transportation, full board accommodation, bus transportation. Cancun Beach & Resort, Ain-Sokhna Call: 01018889363 - 01068808930 - 01005758666 www.facebook.com/groups/lifemakers.dc Porto Marina Those who would like to join our team will be offered a special orientation and a personal meeting with Dr. Amr Khaled Spread awareness of preventative heath
Identify cultural misconceptions about health
Prevent further complications in patients z
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