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No description

Adam Gatlin

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Coca-Cola

Coca~Cola In 1886 John Pemberton,
an Atlanta pharmacist came up with
the mixture for coca cola. Sold for 5 cents a glass
He sold about 9 glasses
it a day at the pharmacy The Coca~Cola name comes from
Pemberton's bookkeeper, Frank Robinson. In 1888 Pemberton Died and
the company was taken over by
Asa Griggs Candler. By 1895 Candler had three
different syrup plants in Dallas,
Los Angeles, and Chicago and had
Coca~Cola in every state. Joseph Biedenharn became the
first to put Coca-Cola in bottles The company came up with
the Cantour Bottle Around 1909 Coca~Cola
was delivered by horse drawn
carrages The
Coca-Cola Company grew rapidly, moving into Canada, Panama, Cuba, Puerto Rico, France, and other countries and U.S. territories. Coca~Cola is listed in the
New York Stock Exchange in 1919
at $40/a share In 1923 Robert Woodruff
became president of the
company thanks to his father. The first six pack carriers
were introduced 1925 the first billboard for
Coca~Cola appeared and
the drink was in 53 countries worldwide In 1931 the Coca~Cola
santa clause first appeared During World War II every
man in uniform would get a
Coke for 5cents no matter how
much it cost the company By 1959 Coca~Cola
was in 160 different
countries In 1960 the 12oz can
is introduced In 1961 Spite is introduced Tab is introduced which
was the nations first diet
soft drink
In 1970 the Coca~Cola
wave is introduced for a new
look In 1978 Coke was released
in China which was the only
packaged drink allowed in the
Country In 1981, Roberto C. Goizueta became chairman and CEO of the company In 1982 Diet Coke came
out and in 1985 coke was the
first drink in space In 1991 they released the
first recyclable bottles In 1993 the bear was
first used in advertising Around 1994 Bargs root beer and cream
soda are introduced In about 2000 more than 1.4
billion cokes were being sold
each year in more than 200
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