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First conditional and future time clauses + when, until, etc

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Perla Mendez

on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of First conditional and future time clauses + when, until, etc

The first conditional describes future events that are likely to happen.
first conditional sentences
Future time clauses
Just as with the word if, you can't use future time after these time connectors

You can also use time clauses using when or other time connectors (as soon as, once, after, until,...)
* If you give me some money, I'll pay you back tomorrow

* If Mary come, she'll want to drive.
+ when, until, etc.
First conditional and future time clauses
If (or unless) + simple present + will/won't + base form
Use the present tense (Not the future) after if in first conditional tenses
Remember that you can never use the future in the
clause. Only present forms are possible
*If I go to New York again, I'll buy you a souvenir. (pres. simple)
*If he's feeling better, he'll come.(Pres. Continuous)
*If she hasn't heard the bad news yet, I'll tell her.(Present perfect)
You can use an imperative instead of the will clause.
Do your homework if you have some spare
* Write an e-mail as soon as you can
*I'll tell him when/after I get back from lunch
*I'll call you once I get home
*I'll call you when I get home
*I'll call you when I'll get home
*We'll go there when/as soon as you are ready
*We'll go there when/as soon as you'll be ready
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