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Game Changers: Heavy Hitters-- Mike Lupica

No description

on 11 September 2014

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Transcript of Game Changers: Heavy Hitters-- Mike Lupica

Game Changers: Heavy Hitters-- Mike Lupica
Ben- Main character, eleven years old
Lily-eleven, one of Ben's closest friends
Sam-eleven, one of Ben's closest friends, plays on his baseball team
Shawn-eleven, one of Ben's closest friends, plays on his baseball team

Coop-one of Ben's closest friends, on his baseball team, total clown
Justin-best hitter on Bens team, going through tough times
The Story
Ben and his friends are super excited for the All-Star baseball season to start. In the first game, Ben is hit by a pitch. He has never been hit before and is really shocked. He is able to continue playing. After the first game, Justin, the best hitter on their team, suddenly can't.
Story (continued)
Ben takes it upon himself to help Justin out. Then in their next game, Justin rages out. He gets suspended from a game. Ben keeps pushing and finds out the Justin's parents are getting divorced. Meanwhile Ben is having trouble getting a good hit after being hit. It looks very difficult for the team to win the campionship.
Will they win? Will Ben get back to his old self?
Info and Response
I really liked this book. It was very well written, but i didn't like the ending. I would recommend this to boys who like baseball. It is a sports book and is around 230 pages.
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