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Armenian Issue

No description

Ebru Yilmaz

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Armenian Issue

Who is Armenian? and Relations with Turkish in the history Millet-i Sadıka - Loyal Nation What is Armenian Issue? The Ottoman Empire getting weak <=> Deformation of Turkish-Armenian Relations; Emigration Law and So-called Genocide BEING KICKED??? ARMENIAN ISSUE Allegations and Facts The so-called Armenian Genocide Turkish people in the Ottoman time, killed approximately 1.5 million Armenian between 1915 and 1921, which is the 80 percent of the Armenian population. Is it real? What is genocide? Examples of genocide Genocide; To kill people because of race, nation, ethnic and religion differences. Armenian Terror The first attack; To the sultan II. Abdülhamid in 1905. Today's situation and the Result -The Republic of Armenia's policy of claiming genocide. Great Seljuq Empire and Armenians The Golden Age of the Armenians-till the end of 19th century -Some countries in Europe
-Missionary religous men and provocateurs
-Reform request from the Ottoman for the East Anatolia
-Revolts against the Ottoman Empire
-Cooperating with Russia in First World War
-Massacres April 24, 1915? May 27, 1915? 1914 reports > the population of Armenians; 1,234,671 > Where is the 2-3 million killed in the genocide? Armenian Prof. Richard Hovannisian, Munich, 1982
British Government, 1998
Prof. Bernard Lewis, Prof. Stanford Shaw
Dr. Karakin Patırmacıyan ! 1948 Genocide Agreement-The United Nations Examples; - The massacres to Jewish and other ethnic groups by Nazis during the II. World War. -In 1965, 1966 Endonesian army killed 1 million communists and their family. -In 1975, 1979 Red Khmers killed 1.7 million Cambodian. -In 1994, Hutular killed 500.000 Tutsi in Ruanda in 1994. -After 1991, thousands of Muslims were killed by Serbians in Bosna-Herzegobina and Kosova. AND,
-Sasanians sent 70.000 Armenians to Iran in 379, Byzantine sent 40.000 to Sivas and kayseri in 1025, Memluk Empire 10.000 to Iran in 1250, Russians thousands of Armenians to steps while occupying Crimean. Till 1965 > calmer > then a sudden appearance of terror with the help of Armenian Organizations. -Till the end of 1972, monuments, actions on media -Attacks to Turkish organizations and officiers -Cooperation with ASALA -To make the US and France in their side. -To get a high compensation from Turkey
-To establish Great Armenia
-The supports from France, Belgium, Australia, Greece, Lebanon, Canada, Russia and Argentina
-France's law draft about genocide and school books.
-More strict relations after 1998.

The result; The so called genocide was appeared by the countries that wanted to divide the Ottoman Empire, now, a topic that is tried to be kept hot for the same reasons for Turkey.
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