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First Solar

No description

Arwa Ahmad

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of First Solar

History and Summary
First Solar was founded in 1990 by Harold McMaster as Solar Cells.
True North Partners purchased and renamed the company by its current name of First Solar, Inc in 1999.
It manufactures and markets thin film photovoltaic
It is based in the desert town of Tempe, Arizona.
Largest company in the United States and the second largest in the world.
Owner of the year, ENR Southwest 2013.
Details and Implementation of the Most Important Recommended Strategy
Five Recommended Marketing Strategies
Focus on home investment. (25% of total promotion budget)
Focus on economic security. (20% of total promotion budget)
Encourage lease agreements. (15% of total promotion budget)
Provide consumer website tools. (15% of total promotion budget)

First Solar
Advanced Marketing Management

Arwa AlBawardi

First Solar and the 4P's
Environmentally friendly.

First Solar products are both local and global.

Prices are certainly consumer-friendly. Range from $100 to $250
Product quality awards or qualifications that have been received.
Television advertisements (19% of the green marketing strategy budget)
Home improvement cable channels could be chosen.
The average length of these TV advertisements is 2 to 3 minutes.
Many celebrities are environmental activists.

Focus on Green Marketing. (25% of total promotion budget)
Green marketing Campaign

Green marketing campaigns. (6% of the green marketing strategy budget)
Women and older people are active green purchasers.
Social media and green marketing.
Promotions and discounts to homeowners.
Details and Implementation of the Most Important Recommended Strategy
• Target Market:
- Individuals and companies who are environmentally involved or concerned.

• Purpose of the strategy:
- Create an overall awareness of environmental safety for consumers.
- Increase the number of individuals and companies who are going green.

Focus on Green Marketing. (25% of total promotion budget)
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