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The Affect of Divorce

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Airkeria Knight

on 6 December 2014

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Transcript of The Affect of Divorce

The Effects of Divorce
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Unlike women men suffer from more psychological problems stemming from the emotional adjustment after a divorce.men are adverse to the idea of divorce and are willing to devote more energy in to salvaging the marriage rather than ending one.
Psychcological Effect
of Divorce on women

Psychological Effects of Divorce on Men
Psychological EffectS of Divoce on young children & Adolescents
Emotional Effects of Divorce
After a divorce, women have less stress and adjust to being single better than men.
Women have a strong demeanor that helps them recover and enables them to adapt to their new roles in their lives.
Women discover problems in a relationship much more effectively.
They are also more likely to file for divorce, twice as likely actually.
As women grow stronger, the mentality of men weakens and they often rely heavily on social support from others. After the divorce proceedings have finalized men often are more susceptible to alcohol abuse, depression, and health related issues such as heart problems.
The grieving process often begins when divorce proceedings are initiated, especially if a person did not expect or want the divorce.While grief can manifest differently for each person, it generally follows five distinct stages.
Stress, fear and anxiety are common emotional effects of the divorce process. Fear of a vengeful ex­spouse and anxiety about the future are common concerns.
Emotional Effects of Divorce Cont'd . . .
In divorce, both parties may feel guilt or shame over aspects of their married life or the divorce process. Some of these feelings stem from the broken promises that divorce causes.
While depression is a distinct part of the grieving process, it can also manifest as a separate emotion during divorce.This is especially true if the person feels that the divorce makes him a failure, or if he allows his thoughts to dwell excessively on his mistakes and faults.
A person who has been in an abusive or neglectful relationship, or whose spouse had an affair, may feel relief when the divorce is achieved. The finalized divorce signals an end to the abuse, or it may bring a feeling that justice has been done in the case of neglect or betrayal.
Divorce & Ecology
- The study of living things and their environment and the relationship between the two.

5 Ecological Theories are
The MircoSystem
The Mesosystem
The Exosystem
The Macrosystem
The Chronosystem
The main ecological theory that coincides with divorce is the chronosystem.

Chronosystem is the transition and shifts that accrue in one’s lifespan.The chronosystem theory comes up a lot in a young child’s life as their parents are going through a divorce as there are many transitions that take place that are good and bad.
Ecology Cont'd . . .
5 perspectives on children of divorced parents
Life stress perspective
Parental loss perspective
Parental adjustment perspective
Economic hardship perspective separate
Interparental perspective
Ecology Cont'd . . .

Parents to be on time when switching their child to the other parents.
Parents to be on the same page when it comes to their children’s school activities and afterschool actives.
Always put your child’s needs first.
Don’t talk negative about your ex to your children.
If your child is declining on wanting to go spend time with their other parent show them with actions and words that you would like them to go spend time with your ex.

Helpful Transitional Steps
Divorce in Islam
In today’s modern society, divorce has change and evolve in many different ways, especially when it comes to a cultural perspective. Every culture view and deal with divorce differently.
For example, in Islam when a husband divorce his wife I must say the exact words “I divorce you”. It must have a waiting period for about 3 months. During those 3 months they must try they all to reconcile with family members as well as councilors . the couple to be divorce must have two witness present. If the couple denied the waiting period the divorce will be voided. After the 3 months of waiting the couple is divorce and no one is responsible for each other expenses.
Divorce around the World
In the Philippines, divorce is illegal. Any divorce that is conducted outside the country is not recognized within the Philippines
Burgundian law declared that a woman who tried to divorce her husband should be smothered in a mire.
In ancient Rome, a couple could divorce just by declaring their intent not to live together in front of seven witnesses.
Religion & Divorce
Marriage is directly related to religion for many people
Wedding ceremonies are often performed by religious officials on behalf of the state
A couple can be married or divorced from a legal standpoint but have a different status according to different religious institutions
Divorce varies in different religions

Christianity Religious Views about Divorce
Traditionally most Christian churches treat divorce negatively
"Let not the wife depart from her husband...let not the husband put away his wife." (1 Corinthians 7:10-11)

Tolerance of divorce varies greatly depending on the different branches of Christianity but is generally looked down upon and considered to be a last resort therefore:
Many churches offer marriage counseling in the hopes of preventing divorce
Some branches of Christianity allow divorce but do not allow remarriage

Buddhism, Hinduism, and Judaism Religious views about Divorce
- there is no religious concept of marriage, it is viewed as a secular affair
- marriage is viewed as extremely sacred & the most important transitional point in a Hindu’s life; divorce is therefore not accepted except for in extreme circumstances
- always accepted divorce as a fact of life, though an unfortunate one
It is generally thought that it is better for a couple to divorce rather than stay together in a state of conflict and bitterness

Economic and Financial Impact of Divorce
While divorces are expensive for the parties involved, there are implications for the economy as well. In recent studies, there has been a significant link between divorce rates and economy health. There are few things than can slow economic growth quite like a high rate of divorce
Sociological Effects of Divorce
Functionalists view divorce negatively and blame the failure of social institutions as the main source of high divorce rates.
Their perspective is that social institutions have not sufficiently informed the public and that married couples must aspire to a higher societal standard. Functionalism focuses on stimulating communication, bonding and equality.

Symbolic Interactionism:

Symbolic interactionists focus on the individuals and their actions. They believe that the choices the individuals make are based on what they have learned, regardless of the plethora of greater societal issues.
This small community has a larger impact on the dynamics of one’s marriage than society at large.
Conflict Theory:
The conflict theory is a realist approach in that its main perspective is that of which who benefits most from divorce.
They state that the government benefits most from the taxes and court costs associated with divorce. The society is responsible for divorce rates and the government does nothing to help slow the divorce rate. The individuals take what they see as an easy way out of the relationship and willingly suffer financially in order to gain independence.
Divorce from the Communitarist Perspective:
Communitarists believe in a stronger bond between all sections of society in order to create a environment in which marriages can flourish. They promote small communities where the local government, private businesses, churches and community members create a moral culture of traditional values.

Physical Effects of Divorce
1.Chronic Stress
Divorce causes chronic stress because it is usually an ongoing event
2.Trouble Sleeping
the body may be unsettled by no longer having a familiar partner by your side, causing physical stress that keeps you from getting the rest you need.
3.Weakened Immune System
Stress almost immediately affects your immune system -- you get colds and the flu
4.Depression & Anxiety
Stressful life events can lead to clinical depression in those who may be susceptible
5.Identity Crisis
A divorce can leave you struggling with a full-blown identity crisis, as you struggle to figure out who you are without your partner. A 2010 study found that that break-ups can seriously disrupt our sense of self.
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