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Kingdom Project

No description

brad curl

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Kingdom Project

kiNGdoMs of LifE Animalia,
or as we better know them, 'Animals' Eukaryotic
Mostely motile and multicelluler
Most animal phyla was first recorded during the Cambrian Explosion
Nematode Also known as roundworms, Nematodes are one of the most diverse of all animals.
Their species are very hard to specify from one another. Over half of their species are parasitic. Arthropod The Arthropod is an invertebrate with an exoskeleton. They have jointed limbs and consist of segments. They periodicaly molt. Plantae Fungi Eukaryotic
Has cell wall
Basidiomycota Basidiomycota is a large phyla of Fungi that ranges from mushrooms to puffballs and beyond. Ascomycota This phyla of Fungi creates it's spores in sac-like structures. Eukaryotic
Has cellwall
Preforms photosynthesis for energy
Marchantiophyta Otherwise known as Liverwarts, these small plants are a type of Bryophyte. Pinophyta These are woody seed plants. Protist Eukaryotic
Organisms that can not be clasifyed Rhizopoda Amoeba unicullular organisms. Ciliophora Has a cilia used to move and eat. Prokaryote Bacteria
No cell nucleous Aquificae A large group of bacteria that live in harsh environments. Cyanobacteria Abacteria that uses photosynthesis Monera Prokaryotic
Now obsolete Archaea Eubacteria True bacteria So abundant It doesnt need a description.
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